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Outdoor strains with high THC levels ?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by WILLY WONKA HAZE, Jun 13, 2010.


    WILLY WONKA HAZE Active Member

    Thinking bout wat strains I wanna grow next year so any suggestions on sum outdoor strains that produce a realy high THC level or ones with fruity smelling buds?
  2. I just got Super Lemon Haze... it is supposed to taste just like a Lemon Head. Also I am trying out some Colorado Cough, Colorado haze, and some Willie Nelson outside. I'll be getting a Bubba kush sooner or later. And all of those are uber high THC.

    GBW Well-Known Member

    Durban Poison!! or Kali Mist!!! they both loves eachothers best friend in the world some Sick Sativa bro!dont forget Super Lemon Haze!!!!!to be able to say "this is the highest bud here!" ^^

    if u buy kali mist(recommand it really u will buzz hard!) buy them from serious seed(just google or attitude serious seed section)[Expensive seed but WORTH IT! long(12-14week) flowering time too but insane! only 16-19% thc but dont underrate it he will know you of ur shoes trippy buzz u wont get stall in a place

    slabhead Well-Known Member

    Jack The Ripper is off the hook grown outdoors.

    WILLY WONKA HAZE Active Member

    I have smoked alot of medical grade marijuanna ( Durban posion, super lemon haze ) not sure on how Durban would do outside specially in the north east where I am I have seen super lemon haze up close outdoors and it does great but lacks the lemon smell n taste that's it has indoors but right now I'm thinking purple power looks fuckin cool as hell turns purple in cold climates and has a THC level of around 19 % most likely buy from attitude seeds def super lemon haze and um idk the name of it but has a THC level round 25% whitch is crazy hopefully I can get sum of to smoke n see for my self

    WILLY WONKA HAZE Active Member

    From what I seen n smoked allmost all hazes have a high THC level and do good outside also they have a long lasting high I prob only had a couple strains that were better then super lemon haze smoke wise train wreak is most likey the dankist stuff I'd ever smoked it was breed with another unknown strain but it was crazy I saved bout 2 dubs of it for wen I grow old n wanna look back on my life

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