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Outdoor strains mold resistant

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by northeast island madness, Mar 20, 2008.

    northeast island madness

    northeast island madness Active Member

    howdy all anybody know the best mold resistant strains for growing on the ocean with rain fog alot in the fall ?? northeast coast
    B. THC R+D

    B. THC R+D Well-Known Member

    You Better Start Hunting Seed Banks... Some Have Little Play Charts That Input Some If Not All Of Your Questions. Dbb:)

    mrskitz Well-Known Member


    Puddles Active Member

    I'm going to try Rox from Paradise.

    Cannilinguist Active Member

    Check out Durban Poison from Nirvana Seeds...or check out some sites....a legit as fuck site with cheapo prices (about 25 bucks for ALL the nirvana seed strains and cheap prices for lots of others) is seedboutique.com happy hunting...

    nuttman2 Member

    Ive Tried Hollands Hope Blueberry Top 44 A.M.S and have still had mold problems with it - longIsland N.Y

    shalie4200 Well-Known Member

    check out The Church from green house seedsits a nice big plant, good yield, and just what you want mold resist.
    violator kush

    violator kush Active Member

    a.m.s green housebongsmilie anti mold system
    docter p

    docter p Member

    i tried the church last season and they were not not very mold resistant.and the stocks and branches were very brittle.in fact the cheese i threw out also were much more frost and mold resistant.go figure

    Angus Well-Known Member

    violator kush

    violator kush Active Member

    ok just because u dont like gh does not mean every one does, nirvana gets hated on too, but there ppl that love them, and GH is the only one with a plant that is bread for anti mold, Does your favorite seed company do that? i dont think so

    Angus Well-Known Member

    Okay, I'm gonna take someone who's been lying, stealing, and bullshitting his way to success for years word that it was "specially bred" to be super dooper mold resistant. Greenhouse is good at marketing...not breeding...tell me, what's in that anti mold strain? My favorite breeders give accurate strain lineage, detailed descriptions, forum support, and pics from customer grows. But GH has "white widow". :rolleyes:

    Nirvana is bullshit too.

    But not like greenhouse.
    loaded dervish

    loaded dervish Active Member

    Ok i got the perfect plant for you it is called sweet purple from paradise seeds it is mold resistant if it can finish in holland it can finish there. It has nice purple buds that tast like strawberrys it grows to 8 feet and yeild 500grams so watch out it gets huge have fun!!

    Blze$17 Well-Known Member

    swiss cheese man, i wouldnt steer you wrong. all my other plants were messed with by mold or mildew but not the swiss cheese. deff reccomend it

    SmellyBud Member

    I'm sure the Doc has a strain with excellent mold resistance, you can always trust the doc holmie.

    SmellyBud Member

    lol I wonder how many strains of weed exist
    jessica d

    jessica d Well-Known Member

    i am not sure why i am getting mold so early and the particular pattern is weird. the lower buds on top branches a leaf will die and mold a bud within 6hrs. i think finding the correct strain then acclimatize with a batch of seeds is needed. i have mostly never got much mold with clones but this fall sucks. i am thinking budworms or nutrient def just cuz mold should be in the largest buds first if it was environment?
    jessica d

    jessica d Well-Known Member

    oops lookn at the dates and sig lol this mit be g.mtn haha

    getawaymountain Well-Known Member

    nope not me but someone that started a thread along time ago he got killed on a snowmobile a few years ago from the area at home lived on another island and was crazy as hell used to ride on the ice frooze coves on his machine until ...... alot of people around there got strains from him along time ago and some are still around and the best ones aren't or nobody is giving them up lol
    jessica d

    jessica d Well-Known Member

    oh RIP to him then buddy. i live for sleds but they r deadly. strange yr i never seen plants mold with such little buds. some of ur genes are handling humidity from rain and some not so much. i am adding woodstove to g.house that will dry it out to improve environment. genes can only do so much :D thanks for post and help

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