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Outdoor Strains for New England! Mandala #1 Greenhouse Seeds?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Puddles, Feb 29, 2008.


Mandala or Greenhouse Seeds for Outdoor Grow?

Poll closed Mar 30, 2008.
  1. Mandala #1

    6 vote(s)
  2. Hashberry

    2 vote(s)
  3. The Church

    1 vote(s)
  4. Himalayan Gold

    2 vote(s)

    Puddles Active Member

    My name is Puddles and I'm planning on my first ever grow this year. It will be a guerilla grow outdoors in Massachusetts. My plan is to do the Mandala # 1 feminized seeds and The Church from Greenhouse seeds. Is it better for me to use feminized seeds from a seedbank like Mandala so I don't have to worry with male plants? Does anyone here have any recommendations/experience with A.M.S. or Himalayan Gold in this region of the country? My spot is kind of rainy and misty and seems to retain moisture and I'm thinking mold might become an issue. Thanks for any advice!

    ymz202 New Member

    I think that the The Church, or Hashberry is a good strain

    mattso101 Well-Known Member

    I would go with Mandala #1 since it was bred to be an outdoor strain Also fem seeds would be good since you wont have to make an extra trips to your grow to weed out the males

    Puddles Active Member

    I definitely don't want to deal with separating the males from females. I would rather make the necessary preparations for the soil/nutrient makeup for the grow and put all my energy into feminized seeds. They should all be female with the right nutrients and proper conditions,...right? Hashberry looks great, but maybe if I get Violator Kush fems I would have a good substitute. I would really love to do Master Kush(had some in Cali last year, perfect nightime smoke), but the flowering time can run into late October. I really need something that will finish no later than mid Oct(optimum).

    longlivemtb Well-Known Member

    I live in NE too and am planing on growing some early misty as my main grow since its pretty pest resistant and can deal with cold temps. I'm gonna be growing top44 hindu kush, white widow and some bag seed. I don't have any experince with the strains your looking at, but make sure you find some that finish relatively early since our prime growing time as mid may to early mid September.

    longlivemtb Well-Known Member

    Also with the fem seeds you still have to check them like you would regular seeds. Just because they are feminine seeds doesn't men the will be female 100% of the time.They may have a higher female percentage, but the also have a higher hermie percentage which will fuck your shit up as bad as having males in your grow would.

    Puddles Active Member

    shouldn't you have a higher percentage of female plants if you begin with feminized seeds?

    DesertSativa Well-Known Member

    Does Mandala even create Fem seeds? I have two Sadhu seedlings now, but this is the first time.

    DesertSativa Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, I also have some fem AMS that should be sprouting any day.

    SnowGreen Active Member

    Their Mandala #1 is feminized. I just bought a pack of them, they arrived fine by the way. I am really excited to grom them; they should be really good. I also live in New England. They are supposedly a really strong outdoor strain. I don't know what the hermie percentage is or what the deal with that is. Anyways, good luck.

    Puddles Active Member

    I just got word mine was shipped out today!:) Mandala is only allowing one pack of 5 fems of the Mandala #1 per customer. I gotta get some more shipped to a buddy!

    Puddles Active Member

    Can anyone here recommend a strain that can be grown within say 100-400 feet from where people live and congregate that is good for New England,...will finish fast,...isn't going to stink up the neighborhood to the point where someone might get smart and want to check it out by wading through sticker bushes, etc,...and is potent. Right now I'm thinking Mandala #1. This will be my first grow. It's going to be outside in an area that gets lots of sun, has water, but is kind of close to the world, but is really a no man's land. It has a real lush look to it in the summer. I want to collect some seeds and give it a shot in May. Lowryder #2 fems might be another option. I'm getting fems because there is a chance that I'll only be able to tend the plants until the first two months of vegging and won't be back until they are suppose to finish. They might not make it. My plan is to give them as much power and prepare the site as good as possible and see what happens. I know there is a chance they won't all be female, but if I'm gone from the 2 month of vegging and not back until the near end of finishing,..will I be able to determine if I have hermies before I get back to the plants? (help)

    hughecarot Active Member

    Not sure if this question belongs here so sorry in advance.I too live in new england and have a ww clone outdoors. She has been flwrng maybe 2 weeka now, white pistils every where. Is my plant behind Or on time? How long till harvest? Approx. When does the first new england frost hit anyone have any expierience out doors in newengland, whith ww strain. Thanx for ANY imput!

    CTFarmr Active Member

    Hey all..I have a few yrs experience in New England..I'm happy to report there are some primo early finishers around now.A lot has been done to make POTENT early finishers..I suggest checking out Unleashdagreen.There are several breeders on there that specialize in early outdoor.I've grown something from all of them and they are top notch and reasonable to say the least!!
    Puddles..I suggest texada timewarp, Biddy Early,Geurilla gold

    Hugh..Your white widow will finish but not until @ Oct 15th.I'm guessing closer to Oct 30th.I'm at 41.5 lat..east coast and pulled my last plant Nov 7th..You should be fine until the end of Oct..unless you're in norther Maine.NH,VT..peace

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