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outdoor growing in the cold north

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by sssam420, Jan 27, 2014.


    Mr.Marijuana420 Well-Known Member

    It all has to to with winter coming, the plants goal is to finish its reproductive cycle and make a next generation of seeds before winter. so ANY environmental changes occurring as winter approaches will further initiate flower. Have you ever grown outside? wtf do you mean turn the taps on you bath this makes no sense. Maybe you should do a little reading into basic growth of plants in general, it might broaden you horizons a little bit, then maybe some of this will make sense. Truth be told I don't think theres a person on these forums who thinks you have any idea of what your talking about because of your shear demeanor..

    oh and on a side note, Ive had plants initiate flower dropping from 18 hrs, to 15. so there goes your "theory"

    sorry to prove you wrong

    elkamino Well-Known Member

    I sure don't understand why people bicker in these forums. I mean WTF, we're just farmers trying to get shit figured out right?:bigjoint:

    Anyway, google a dude Dr. Gr33nThumb215 to see what's possible with light dep in a greenhouse. Light deprivation triggers early flowering and is accomplished by either moving plants inside or pulling a tarp- either manually or with a garage door opener or a commercial version. A 12-hr night will trigger the girls to flower whenever you start, and they're then able to finish earlier. Since they're finishing under a more-overhead sun they end up stronger/denser too. But heat and humidity can be tough to manage under a hot summer sun when you're hiding plants under a light-proof tarp. So its a brilliant idea but inevitably either expensive or time-consuming. For folks far from the equator though it might be worth it. Good luck.

    TWS Well-Known Member


    Mr.Marijuana420 Well-Known Member

    Im not bickering I was just stating what I know, North of England was all uptight because I called him stupid. Well sorry. if u say plants NEED to go below 13 hrs to flower, then yes that is a stupid statement. U should of seen the pm he sent me afterward, he was ready to drop the gloves,

    getawaymountain Well-Known Member

    i have several strains that start to bud at around 13 1/2 to 14 hr days in early july they start to bud naturally and are done early sept 8 weeks budding time

    Rawrb Active Member

    Read up on danish strains.

    sssam420 New Member

    think i'm gonna go with papaya and swiss cheese from nirvana apparently they finish flowering by at latest end of september and are highly mould resistant and suitable for the kind of climate i'm in and already have a couple master kush mothers although i know theyre not suitable and will probably get bud rot or frost damaged but hay ho i have them there so might aswell give it a shot lol . appreciate all the advice :peace:~sssam420
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    Keep clones under 24 hours of light they will flower if you throw them outside with 14 hours of available sun!

    Party Member


    crazykiwi420 Well-Known Member

    I have to disagree that indicas don't start flowering earlier than sativas. Most indica dominant strains can flower under 14/10 and sativas 13:30/10:30, the more equatorial sativas under 13 hours.
    Over here in NZ I had pure indicas flower 15th of jan and african sativas not even showing hairs in mid feb.

    I do agree that it doesn't matter what genotype, there's plenty of fast flowering pure sativas; Ciskei from Tropical seeds is a 65 day landrace sativa.

    rollingafatty Well-Known Member

    My recommended strains for northern areas where we get frost mid October. I have only used nirvana-shop strains. White Widow, Wonder Woman, Super Skunk, PPP, Citral, Papaya.. All finish 1-2weeks before frost if planted near trees that reduce light hours by half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night.

    steelheadguy Member

    Did you strategically place them by the trees to get this reduce light effect? or was it by chance? By how many weeks do you think this speeds things up?

    rollingafatty Well-Known Member

    steelheadguy...If you are surrounded by 20-30ft of tight tree cover all around your site, it's just a natural effect. It will take roughly half an hour for the sun to get high enough to start penetrating the tree cover to actually illuminate your grow area. Same effect near dark. Gets dark roughly half a hour before the sun drops below the horizon.

    My experience is that planting in heavy tree cover puts plants into flower 2-2.5weeks before the exact same strain in open pasture land. In Turn, finishing 2-2.5weeks sooner. Trees also protect from high winds and can protect from very light frosts in the fall. trees hold small amounts of ground heat.

    Liddle Well-Known Member

    my suggestion is too get whatever strains are avaialable and every year do a seed crop. that why every year thy get a little more climatized. thats what alot of people do

    Beagler Active Member

    His freedom 35 and his iranian crosses are also worth looking into.

    NoSwagBag Well-Known Member

    PPP worked for me in Maine. Check out getaway mountains threads. Good ideas there too.
    josh b

    josh b Well-Known Member

    That is true but then again more sun is more bud,more roots more fruits ect !
    Easy sativa, purple maroc,maroc, freezecheese89 are all good finishers for the uk so i guess these would finish that bit beter in the us ect
    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    I've heard tell that a few Iranian crosses will do that. Early Grizzly's too. Gotta love those girls that give it up early. Which strain(s) did you use to get your girls going so early?
    Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Well-Known Member

    Yes indeed they are.

    getawaymountain Well-Known Member

    our stumbleweed ( iranian x seawarp) , seawarp, swamp skunk ( s.s. early bud x early wonder skunk ) sea dragon ( red dragon x seawarp) all start to bud in early july and are done by early to mid sept the other strains we use start in late july and are done by late sept
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