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Outdoor Growing in Indiana

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by SlangChronic, Sep 21, 2010.


    SlangChronic Member

    Hey guys, I've tried growing indoor before with extremely cheap equipment but it's not really working out for me. I live with my parents, they have no problem with me growing it, but they won't allow me to make a set up space for it, and they kind of don't want the electric bill to go up. So I'm here to ask if it's possible to grow good bud outdoors. I'm in Indiana, and the area I live in used to be a huge area for hemp farmers. So, I'm guessing the soil and weather is good enough to grow here. I live on a farmland so getting busted won't be a problem. My question is what preparations I should take. Like I said, I am a complete noob at this. I have failed atleast 3-4 times indoors, but this is my first outdoor. I CAN keep it indoors to get it started out, but I would have to use a tiny lamp to start out the growing process, and once it's sprouted and there is leaves coming out, I can transplant it outside. (Good idea?) Or should I just germinate, and then just plant outside right away? Oh and another question, is it too late in the season to start growing outside?

    Help of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

    fabfun New Member

    you will have to wait till spring u missed the outdoor season

    SlangChronic Member

    Ohh, alright that's fine. I'll have more time to research about all this. Hey one more question though, when germinating seeds, how long should the white tail be before planting it?

    fabfun New Member

    good ideal i was just going to suggest doing lots of reading lots of great info here

    I plant mine as soon as taproot comes out
    start reading there lots of good threads on germination do a search here for germination and u can even get some bagseed and practice germing while waiting for spring
    will they let u grow indoors if u pay them for the increase in power bill


    SlangChronic Member

    Uhmm, they probably would. I don't know how much they bill would go up though. I only want like 1 or 2 plants. And I'd also have to buy the right equipment because atm I have only a desk lamp with a 60w light bulb. Is it even possible to grow atleast on plant with that? And if so, how much bud would I be able to get out of it? A gram? haha

    fabfun New Member

    i run a 400 watt for about $20 a month
    are u using cfl or incandesent if not a cfl it is no good for growing u need at least 4 bulbs for one plant minimium
    get a surge protector and 2 y- splitters and 2 light sockets that have a 2 prong plug in it screw y splitters into light sockets and plug and zip tie to surge protector and that is a cheap 4 bulb set up and if u change a few regular bulbs around the house to cfls u will save enough to not increase power bill

    BeastGrow Well-Known Member

    Go to Homedepot or wherever you would buy lights and get your Lithonia 4' T8 Shoplight for about 20 bucks and get some 32watt daylight bulbs for a couple bucks... That will keep your electric bill low...

    otherwise if you have more to spend on light bulbs you could get LED bulbs... You would probably need about 2 bulbs per plant... the bulbs are about $15 bucks...

    THe shoplight is the most efficient way though for price. T5's are teh best fluorescents but they are expensive.. would cost you closer to 100 bucks to go with t5...

    the T8 shop light could grow 8 small plants (< 2') on only 64 watts.

    dictate Active Member

    You revived a 3 year old thread lol

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