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Outdoor Grow Space Available

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by clobbersaurus, Mar 26, 2012.


    clobbersaurus Active Member

    I've seen a couple people mention needing space to grow outdoors and I received a relevant email this afternoon about plots in Firestone:
    "We are offering land at the farm to all caregivers that would like to grow outside! Here's the outdoor plot program:
    12 or less plants $500/plot
    Plus utilities
    50 or less plants $750/plot
    Plus utilities
    50 or more $1000/plot
    Plus utilities
    Caregivers must supply there own fence, six month lease, no deposit. Access to water and power. City water, no well so we won't run out of water.
    Free plants for those under 12 plants, free clones for all others. Employee available, access to automated trimmer. Plant count must be verified at time of lease. At the time grower receives plants or clones, fence must go up.
    Indoor grow rooms also available.
    Call us today if you are interested, and feel free to pass this along to other growers! We have 40 farmable acres and will be taking multiple growers.
    We've had several meetings with our attorney to verify this is 100% legal. We are happy to refer you to our attorney if you would like to verify the legalities.
    Don't forget we have dozens of mature, beautiful 1 and 5 gallon plants ready to flower!!! Call today for availability!!!
    We look forward to hearing from you!"
    PM me for the contact info, or contact Rocky Mountain Plants if you've gotten it from me before. I don't work for these guys, just have been happy with my experience with them.

    Joedank Well-Known Member

    I don't know the last guy in Oregon doing this had the Feds investigate till they found the one non legal transaction and fucked the whole op...

    BadAndy Well-Known Member


    BadAndy Well-Known Member

    ugh, firestone is all the way on the other side of denver, fuck my life.

    TruenoAE86coupe Moderator

    Yeah up in my neck of the woods, not sure exactly what the requirements would be, and i certainly don't have $500 to spend. But if you needed help we could probably work something out.

    BadAndy Well-Known Member

    I was laying in bed last night thinking of the possible pro's and con's of this and Im thiking its not 500 for 6 months I think its probably 500 a month of 6 months. (I havent talked to them so this is just my speculation)
    Some of the other things I thought about were a question of security (whos guarding and what happens if there is a rip off)
    and quality control (how are they going to make sure everyone is on top of their plants and not putting a male in the patch somewhere that isnt gonna seeed out everyones crop)

    MacGuyver4.2.0 Well-Known Member


    Too many sketchy details and not enough guarantees. No thanks! ;)

    clobbersaurus Active Member

    Yeah the price does seem steep for the low end but the other issues I would trust them to handle as they are very professional and have been around a while; talking with them would likely assuage your concerns, as well. However, my concern was being locked into a 6 month lease; you'd have to start soon to use all that time.

    indipow82 Well-Known Member

    There is a place near/in Fort Collins that does this also and it is sketchy and not very well protected. Plus the guys are just shitty at growing and have bad attitudes.

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    I would also be heavily concerned re: nutes, insecticides and other 'treatments' that everyone will be tossing on 'their' plot. roots know no boundaries and water flows

    BadAndy Well-Known Member

    honestly if I did it at a venue like this I would more then likely use 50 or 100 gal. smart pots and get around the fert issue being in the ground. 6 month lease is about right if you think about it. may to oct is 5 months and your looking at another month for clean-up/2nd cutting so really from my exp a 6 month grow cycle for outdoor is appropriate. ( I already have plants that I was getting ready for outdoor so my veg room is crazy right now and I could jump into it with little prep time)

    clobbersaurus Active Member

    Finally got some of the answers from Di, but the male in the patch was not addressed:
    "I spoke with Chris regarding security. All growers will be on separate plots, with their own fences, locked gates and cameras if they wish. Each grower is responsible for their own plot. There is an employee on site at all times for security at night. We are only working with growers we know. It is an open 40 acre farm but the only access is the driveway that goes past the house and our greenhouse. Our greenhouse and house have indoor and outdoor cameras. We monitor them through an ip address. I imagine we could offer a camera (if we have any left) and you could set up a similar surveillance system. Please contact Chris for more details and the answers to the rest of your questions, he is handling all of the leasing. So far I believe we have 5 tenants. Hope this helps :)"

    Still, 3g's for 6 plants plus fencing costs...even if you pulled an elbow+ off each of the 3 flowering, doesn't seem worth it. If you had an edible rec, however....

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    based on a discussion with a friend, here is another reason to not do one of these collaborations: friend had leased a cargo container inside a warehouse with multiple containers leased out. friend got sketched when his lawyer reasoned "it only takes one moron to ruin it for everyone. if the feds bust one and see the others, they are obligated to take them all down". 3 weeks after getting out of there, the feds busted one grower that was not following the rules and took the rest of the warehouse down at the same time.
    chef c

    chef c Well-Known Member

    Why not just buy a shed, replace a portion of the roof w plexi, or something there of and disco. Less than a grand, and its at your place. Unless that's why your looking at growing of site anyway. But if "getting caught" is the concern, it wouldn't mater weather its at your place or off site anyhow since the plot has to be registered, right? Three grand just seems like a lot... And you still have a ton of risk factors... other folks might not be as savvy as you, bring baddies and whatnot, plus like was started earlier, males, or even hermies, I have a hard time believing everyone that tries this is going to be working w tested strains or proven knowledge. Let's face it, people out there are gonna wanna make a fast buck. Think that fast talking fuck stick gives a rats ass if his plants have a few beans in them? Negative. But you do. And I'm sorry one person on site? Its not enough. Everyone in the state will surely know about this op, and that leaves your 3g's, plants time and effort to trust. Its a big gamble. Which brings me back to the shed. Your place your genetics your watchful eye, better yet why not just keep it indoor. Just playing devils advocate here...

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