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Ortho Max for flower,vegetables,and fruits . Is it good?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Jcho is Budder, Apr 25, 2010.

    Jcho is Budder

    Jcho is Budder Member

    I just bought some ortho max that says its good for flowers,vegetables, and fruits but im not sure? Has anyone used it with success and would the spray kill the plant? And i was also wondering when to spray the bug spray like what time of the day and where on the plant like on the pot or on the area around it.The lady at home depot also told me to spray it at night because im guessing the heat of the sun with the spray might kill the plant, should i do what she told me? Please help? :mrgreen:
    Lil Czr

    Lil Czr Well-Known Member

    I'm sure that it would work fine.

    I like to use an insecticide soap and also a cheyenne pepper spray.

    I've never used any chemical poisons.

    I'd maybe just try it on one of your plants to how they react to it.

    Give it a shot and let us know how it works.
    Jcho is Budder

    Jcho is Budder Member

    its my first time so i only have 2 seeds and where would i spray it? and there is also alot of lizards around the place since its outdoors and bushy would that spray help keep them off too?
    Lil Czr

    Lil Czr Well-Known Member

    What sort of insect problems are you having?

    And how big are your plants?
    Jcho is Budder

    Jcho is Budder Member

    i havnt planted my tree yet but i want to prevent problems from happening but where im planting there should be alot of bugs and ive seen alot of lizards. Take a look.The middle picture is where im planning on planting it but im planting it in a pot not on the ground with organic soil and the two other pictures are the surroundings and there should be bugs and insects around.

    0425101201b.jpeg 0425101201a.jpeg 0425101201.jpeg
    Lil Czr

    Lil Czr Well-Known Member

    I guess that you should use it as directed.

    I mean, there's noting to spray until you have plants.
    Jcho is Budder

    Jcho is Budder Member

    alright thanks

    DankShasta Active Member

    leave the lizards, they eat bugs, at least any that you have in miami. I'd rather like to have a few cuban anoles guarding my girls.
    The Grow Kid

    The Grow Kid Active Member

    Just make sure not to make anything toxic haha

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