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Origional Amnesia, Dinafem, Report.

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by MysticMorris, May 5, 2012.


    MysticMorris Active Member

    Dinafem, Origional Amnesia (feminized) x1

    Under a 400w Hps in soil
    topped twice to make a tiny 6 cola'd plant.

    Seedling Stage
    Germinated perfectly with the paper towel method, the seed was the most vigorous of a batch of 4 diff strains.

    Vegetative Stage
    I was continually impressed by this strain. It was always one step ahead of my other 4 plants at the time, and did not seem to shock at all when topped. The green stems were thick and sturdy with absolutly amazing internode spacing. At least half the nodes on the finnished plant would be 1cm in distance. She also produced the nicest smell in veg giving me a sign of things to come. Health wise she did great, yellowing a few times from N def but always bouncing back quickly. Leaf structure was more of the sativa type, with mid-green coloured, neat looking leaves, thin bladed and all quite simillar in size. I was using a small pot for this plant - a random rectancular container perhaps 6litres so she stayed nice and small with some LST. The most UN-stretchy sativa I've yet to have the pleasure of growing.

    Flowering Stage
    I flipped 12/12 when I had LST'd my 6 little colas into a neat shape - perhaps after 6weeks from seed. She hardly stretched at all, which was perfect. Each cola had about 9-10nodes on them, and the bottom 5 nodes of each cola did not stretch at all throughout the whole grow. Extremely compact! Node spacing ranged from 1cm to 1inch. After a kind of slow start to flowering, she kicked into bud-mode about 2weeks in and started to amaze me even further. All the flowers that were appearing were closely followed by generous coatings of resin, extending onto the fan leaves and sometimes down the stalks of the plant. This plant set a new record for resin production in my growing experience. The plant stayed remarkably healthy whilst accepting high levels of nutes to fuel the buds, only towards the last few weeks did leaves start to drop. Many remained healthy though. The smell of the plant was overpowering my other girls, a sweet, sweet smell. The resin had a fresh and sweet haze smell, that was strong in odor as it was in stickyness. At about day 60 of flower I chopped her down. I was genuinely sad to se her go.

    This was a micro grow so number are meaningless in a way, but from a very small plant I pulled just over a half ounce, so I was pleased. I think this strain could have above average yeild potential. The finnished buds were nice and round, and totally plastered with THC. Any trim was gladly smoked. Once trimmed my six little colas took about 5days to dry before jars. I made it to a one week cure, but had start raiding the stash after that so thats really as far as I got.

    Smoke report
    Firstly I just want express that this is really the best stuff I've grown to date. It trumphs around 10 other strains I've tried. In terms of potency, this strain is right up there. A few draws of Origional Amnesia and I would feel a numbness spread across my face, and a deep warm rush of blood capillaries widening around my chest. Definatley a smoke you can feel hit you quickly. At the same time it imparted quite a clean feeling high, with good amount of energy levels, often making me more talkative as opposed to turning into an indica zombie (no offence I also like indica). A decent lasting smoke that you can buzz off of for a good few hours, one to perhaps avoid if you have to get less than 8hours sleep at night though. I felt groggy a few times from the night before smoking this. The smell of the bud is sharp and sweet, a real hazey, citrus smell or close. Very nice though, really catches in your nose when ground up. The taste when smoked filled your mouth and tickled your tongue with a sweet hazely flavour. A strong and powerful taste that many smokers enjoy. Very tastey indeed. The bud itself is really compact and I tended to use little sissors to deal with it due to how sticky it was! From a 400w hps I was very pleased with the tight bud density. There was no aspect where this plant let me down, really top notch end product.

    Final thoughts
    Well, this small grow has made me consider running Origional Amnesia as a full grow this year. In almost every way this plant has outperformed all the others I have flowered before her. The yeild was low, but that was all controlled, so I have no reason to think this wouln't be an exellent yeilding strain. The stand out thing this strain has to offer is - crazy resin production, high potency, and top notch taste/smell.
    P.s Apologies for the low quality pics. I have no real camera atm. I'm hoping to borrow a kick-ass camera tomorrow to get some better close up of the dry buds.

    Ease of grow 9/10
    Yeild 7-9/10
    Bag appeal 9/10 (extra crystally)
    Smell 8/10
    Taste 8/10
    High 9/10
    Days flowering - Almost bang on breeder's rec

    ***NOTE***I totally forgot to mention that I actually supercropped all the 6 colas, thats why each branch has a sort of dog-leg shape. She took the cropping amazingly, building fat knots - the fatter the knot the fatter the end bud was.

    Pictures (more to follow shortly)

    IMG-20120426-00058.jpg IMG-20120426-00062.jpg IMG-20120426-00065.jpg IMG-20120426-00070.jpg IMG-20120429-00078.jpg IMG-20120503-00093.jpg IMG-20120503-00096.jpg IMG-20120503-00097.jpg IMG-20120503-00099.jpg IMG-20120503-00101.jpg


    MysticMorris Active Member

    A pic of the Amnesia early in veg just after the 1st topping

    And this is the setup that i squeezed into this cabinet, CFL for veg, HPS for flower. 4plants in the cab most of the time.
    IMG_0052.jpg IMG_0053.jpg IMG-20120414-00032.jpg
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    sounds killer, got nice stuff from dinafem before too.

    JustAnotherHead New Member

    Thanks for report. I have a freebie of this finishing up now. It is huge. Looks like a 6 oz plant and reaks of fruity goodness.

    lokie Well-Known Member

    nice read. good report.

    I have a few of these beans. I am pleased to know someone here has
    good reports for it.:blsmoke:
    Jer La Mota

    Jer La Mota Well-Known Member


    Sweet report man !!

    Cavalry Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the report, I have been considering this strain.

    MysticMorris Active Member

    Thanks everyone, glad you like the report. I'm borrowing a macro lense n camera tomo so I'll get some more pics up that do it justice. If anyone can post pics your more than welcome. If anyone is on the edge about popping their Amnesia seed - trust me its one of the better freebies you'll get from ti'tude.

    teoborg Active Member

    I have poped Or. Amnesia among Blue Widow and Powerkush, all Attitudes freebies Dinafem. I only can keep one and I was thinking of the Blue Widow...do you think I should change my mind?

    Cataben Member

    teo blue widow is real good, havent had Or. amnesia yet that going to be a hard choice. I would keep clones or re-veg your fav. great report I have had amnesia in my cart a few times.

    MysticMorris Active Member

    I havent tried any blue widow, but can vouch for amnesia 100%.
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    i didn't enjoy the blue widow, but the diesel, Cloud #9, Powerkush, Fruit auto and critical jack auto's are nice, im sure they just got bad phenotypes of the blue widow in seed form.

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    nice report mate and nice grow..got an amnesia in seedling stage at the moment and as you said they come through nice and strong......

    del66666 Well-Known Member

    dinafem blue hash is a good one too.......

    teoborg Active Member

    Shit, I had a diesel but but gone bad. Auto fruit didn't said much to me, but haze auto 2.0 wow, it was good. I have auto jack for this year.
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    yea the auto critical jack smells great and good day smoke, fruit auto was very mellow but still above average smoke and grapefruit taste. Sweet deep grapefruit is also nice.

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