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Organic MG

Discussion in 'Organics' started by wallycork, Apr 7, 2010.


    wallycork Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if anybody has used miracle gro organic.

    I cannot afford to get my regular plagron all mix for my outdoor grow so was hoping this would be an option that would work.


    blakkmask Well-Known Member

    First and Foremost, dont let anyone tell you MG is bad. MG Organic, Time Release, and the Moisture control are all good for certain marijuana applications. The time release is perfect for mother plants but should not be used for your "girls" becuz it leaves nutes in the soil and the pot tastes like chemicals. The MG Organic is ALL I use BTW.

    I would like to try something better but for the price and decent quality, you cant beat it. But remember, MG Also sales Perlite, Vermiculite, Sand-Based Soil, and Peat Moss. Everything one would need to make there own soil/soiless mix. 33% MG Organic,33% Perlite, and 33% Peat Moss makes vary nice, light mix with about 5.5-6.0 pH. Amend soil with some MG Blood Meal and MG Bone Meal to get a vary nice veg soil.

    When flowering starts, a good bloom nute would be all you would need. Give a few Blood Meal (N) Teas in the first two weeks with about half-strength bloom. After the first two weeks, give the bloom nutes only unless leaf yellowing starts BEFORE 4 weeks flower, then add a little blood meal to grren em back up. Once week 4 starts she recieves a full to full dose and a half of bloom, then scale back down to quarter strength until week 6. Flush for two weeks, harvest, dry/cure and Enjoy !

    What else can I say, It works and I got Pics to prove it, some with the 33% Mix I described and some with just MG Organic alone.

    BTW, MG Organic comes in Potting (Indoor) and Garden (Outdoor)

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  3. stick with Ocean Forest,

    MG organic is for your first grow and thats it. there are soil recipes out there for free that are really good and produce better than MG

    but thats my opinion
    You wont find a serious grower using Miracle Grow

    bigbudsgoood Member

    been using mg organic potting soil no problems. the thing is with mg cant fertilize till about flower time. and the ph is also pretty high but mary jane can adjust to almost all soils.:bigjoint:
    mookie brown

    mookie brown Active Member

    I'm a miracle grow organics choice potting mix user. I mix this soil with perlite. 2 parts mgoc to 1 part perlite. Becomes light & fluffy. I like the stuff & will only use it for MJ soil grows & also all plants in & outside of my house. I highly recommend using it.


    blakkmask Well-Known Member

    I usually dont have a prob adding nutes during veg. The MG Organic is not quite enuff to support a plant in veg, a little Veg nutes will make it happy.

    MG FTW :weed:

    FarmerNinja Active Member

    use quality soil its the most important part of your plants food making system. i wouldn't skimp on this

    IAm5toned Well-Known Member

    is guilty of using the shit out of MG products.

    i just dont recommend them to beginners because there very very easy to make mistakes with (over watering, over fertilization, compaction issues) and very hard to recover from those mistakes.

    that being said, the best soil yields i have ever gotten have been using MG products, lol. there just a little bit tricky to master...
    plants in my sig are MG babies.

    wallycork Well-Known Member

    Thanks alot blakkmask, some useful info there. Nice plants too man. Im gonna get the mg organic. Im using pots outdoors, will I use the potting soil for it?.

    Well jesus of cannabis im growing in Ireland so fox farm is out. I use plagron all mix for my indoor and works well but it would cost me 300e for the soil compared to 50e for mg. If i had the time or the space to make soil i would but this is what will have to do for my guerrilla grow

    IAm5toned Well-Known Member

    thats pretty much exactly what i do....
    except in place of peat moss i use vermiculite..... and add a little dolemite for buffering, and potash just for shits and giggles (potassium :p )

    jrems Active Member

    First (and only) bag of Miracle-Grow organic soil I purchased had several small pieces of black plastic and a jagged piece of lass in it.....I bet plants like it just fine but I certainly do not.

    blakkmask Well-Known Member

    Never found glass or plastic. As a matter of fact, The MG Made in my state is actually different than any other, so maybe thats why. It even says it on the back of the bags. Lets see who can figure this out. :confused:

    growone Well-Known Member

    mg organic(garden not potting) can do very nice things
    this was grown under 78w of cfl's(total) and mg organic garden soil(with a few extras)
    i was happy


    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    what about the bags you buy that are filled with fresh wood chips?

    growone Well-Known Member

    i haven't run into wood chips(yet), just a pretty thick compost
    plants seem to like it provided you adjust a few things
    needs dolomite(or lime) for the acidity
    perlite to loosen, too dense as is
    light bake for fungus gnats, very effective, but you will have fungus gnats if you don't take steps

    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    I'll take a Pic and post it Its not in the bag anymore though but I bought a 1.5cu.ft. bag and it was about 70% fresh wood chips. looks like they ran a chipper straight into the bag.

    growone Well-Known Member

    really should be able to get your money back, that's not what the normal bag should have
    thing is, it depends on the area of the country you're in, some probably better than the others
    the ingredients are wood compost, composted poultry litter, and peat moss
    but they do mentioned this may vary from region to region

    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    yeah the wood isnt composted at all. its fresh looks to be maple.

    IAm5toned Well-Known Member

    that sucks.... i must be one of the lucky ones that doesnt get the shitty batches.

    svchop889 Well-Known Member

    the first bag I bought was great but It was an 8ct. bag. My theory is that the larger volumes were produced at a lower standard. I really don't care to verify this though dont really feel like getting screwed again. switched to Pro mix, probably not going back. might upgrade to roots organic next grow though.

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