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Organic Flowering Ferts

Discussion in 'Organics' started by Deezey, Aug 14, 2007.


    Deezey Active Member

    Anyone got some info on flowering fertilizers, all organic for my outdoor babies?
    Right now Im using high-nitrogen bat guano as a veg fert, works great.
    Now could I hear some opinions on some flowering ferts?

    nuhtz Active Member

    advanced nutrients iguana juice bloom plus additives works real good maybe try some mollases im yet to try them but if they give the plant back the carbs they use up during the start of flowering im thinkling this will go a long way for a big tasty yeild... peace nuhtz...uk

    evertking Active Member

    I have used budswell & super tea.. But gonna buy some Metanaturals and give that a shot.

    pastor420 Active Member

    How about high phosphorous bat guano for flower?

    ZEE6921 Active Member

    has any one ever used natures big bud organic worm castings liguid tea??if so could you give me some feedback??and i have neptunes harvest hydrolized fish and seaweed npk 2-3-1.. is this a good regiment

    tokezalot420 Well-Known Member

    i use advanced nutrients iguana juice works pretty well made from lots of poop and other good stuff for your plants

    nuhtz Active Member

    oh yes this stuff is definatly what the green doctor orders. did u know advanced carbo load is just black treacle. blackstrap mollases to be precise. glad to hear another grower who knows his nutes.... respect:peace:nuhtz.. uk

    kuntjoose Active Member

    i personaly use a few additives for flowering budswel, BioBoost, floralicious plus, and of course some nice blackstrap mollasses. i add the budswell, bioboost, floralicious, and half of the moleasses to a 5g buket of water and bubble it with an air stone for a couple of days b4 adding the bioflores and last half of the moleasses as it should be used imeadiatly. anyway this is hands down the best method i have used so far makes for some thick killer tasting buds.

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