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    i see folks wondering about compost teas. I am new to compost teas myself but i KNOW a good thing when i see it. I use a peat based medium with perlite vermiculite, dolo lime and calicictic lime, My main focus to this medium is to use bird guano's, worm castings, maxicrop, liquid l=karma, and black strap molasses all into 5 gallon buckets with the use of nylon leggings to hold the actual tea itself together. I am willing to help share knowledge with the community but it would also be nice to see some more expericanced growers share other tea methods they have seen be successful. I have used compost tea's and they are by far the best ive used yet! mm 001.jpg mm 002.jpg

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    Hey thanks for the recipe. I use the Neptune's Harvest line for my gals and they sure would like this. Wish I had something amazing to share back....maybe someday : )

    Thanks again!

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