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Oregon weed.......warning check your buds...mold from retail store..right section

Discussion in 'Oregon Patients' started by justugh, Jun 28, 2017.


    justugh Well-Known Member

    hey this is a warning

    if u buy weed from Oregon do not just grind it up ......Break it open into smaller chunks and look for MOLD

    i went to a chain weed store in Oregon got some high number stuff ........it gave me bronchitis ...the shit was moldy tho out the inner bud (looked good on the outside but break it open u see fuzz look at tho scope and u have fuzzy purple looking veins of it tho out)

    i have a good immune system i lived in a guy house (vacuumed 2 times a year never dusted ) with in 5 days of hitting the stuff i coughed up blood .......grow partner told me had to go to hospital they xrayed my lungs to make sure not to bad or TB or anything like that

    Humanrob Well-Known Member

    Always a possibility in Oregon. I've had bud rot (and PM) in both indoor and outdoor grows at this point. I grew for a couple of years before the first time I had bud rot in an indoor -- the RH was low but I grew 12/12 from seed and did not top them and the massive top colas were so big and dense that on a few plants they were rotten at the core. Couldn't tell just by looking at them, from the outside they looked perfect.

    I haven't found any studies or surveys on long or short term effects of smoking moldy pot. Anyone ever heard of one?
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    justugh Well-Known Member

    what u want to look up is smoking anything moldy ......tobacco will have something on it what can happen ......it would be the same for weed
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