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Ordering Seeds To Australia???

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by RangerDanger, Jul 16, 2008.


    RangerDanger Active Member

    hey guys
    been browsing the forum for a while and thinking about starting an outdoor grow

    i want to know of any seedbanks online that will post to australia also will customs sieze my order?

    i would be intrested in getting some lowryder seeds but ill take what i can get

    thnx guys!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2008

    mikey420budd Well-Known Member

    dude, im interested in the same thing, but indoor. let me know if u hear of any good seedbanks, ive heard Nirvana is good, and The Joint Doctor.

    beach36 Active Member

    Gday boys,

    Im in the same part of the world as you. See the previous posting re cannabean.

    Ive used Planetskunk twice for one success, and one failure. The beauty of them is they have a NAB bank account, so keeps things tidy (naturally deposit in person using the first 4 letters of an email address as a ref. Tell them its an eBay purchase if they get nosey).

    Im waiting for a Nivara order as we speak, so if it comes through will update. One piece of advice, get them sent out in a mates name who doesnt grow, and to a different address.

    RangerDanger Active Member

    if i were to order seeds and get busted would police get involved?

    is there anything i could get charged with?

    beach36 Active Member

    I wouldnt think so mate, however I wouldnt get seeds sent

    a) either to my home

    b) in my name

    if I was growing. To me its a red flag for the wallopers, a little like flogging electricity.

    beach36 Active Member

    As promised gents, I received my beans today from Nirvana.

    Good stealth, good prices, great communications, it took 15 days from ordering to receiving.

    The best yet Ive dealt with.:hump:

    blackout Well-Known Member

    g,day mate , lots will post to oz ,i have used several ,but last was planet skunk ,quick etc ,and so far they are looking good ,i prefer not to get anything from holland direct ,but other people may tell you different? , i have used a few ,some quicker than others ,but so far no problems with the filth ,i think if customs find them they may confiscate them ,but i cant see the filth coming to your home for a few seeds ,and the seed banks usually pack them discreetly ,so you dont have a pack of something that will easily seen as seeds ,no matter what border controll says on t.v they just cant check every item of mail , i think if you are getting a parcel from india , or some suss place they may scan it ,but millions of items are sent daily ,they just dont have the time or resources to check them all.
    good luck regards blackout.:peace:
    mAKo BuDz

    mAKo BuDz Active Member

    Hey beach, i to am looking to order some seeds, whats the website you got them from? i googled "nirvana seeds" and there are 10+ sites that have "nirvana" (in the www) did they come from holland?? also what state are you in? your state might have diff laws??? (im in vic) one more question did you pay with C.C? if not how??
    Cheers m8..:blsmoke:

    Has anyone had any problems of anykind in ordering seeds from the net??

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    look into pick and mix
    nuff said

    and theres always a chance youl get burned
    anyways some ppl here ask a lot of questions dont they.

    All ill say to end this is nirvana will get you busted or ripped eventually sorry to say

    P.s i dont do anything illegal i am merely roleplaying atm

    crazedtimmy Well-Known Member


    buddog Active Member

    I just got some seeds into Oz from Attitude, no problems. Took 10 days. :-P

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    pick and mix
    to oz from pickandmix 5 days generally
    reliable too my last 50 beans made it fine and at christmas time :)

    true man there just good at what they do
    thats y ive become a pick and mix supporter lol

    kaneboy Well-Known Member

    i rekon if you check thinks out its a sure thing heaps send to aus all with no worries just look for them i not gunna let a good thing out but its worth paying a little bit more for disceet post and country

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    i can guarantee pick and mix tho im from oz and ive found them to be the best
    i dont type this just because its fun ya know, i type it because its true and people shuld know.

    But hey if you wanna learn the hard way like me go for it lol

    i agree with kaneboy research dont just run into buying from a place cos it looks good

    stilltokin Well-Known Member

    Ive ordered of Nirvana like three times
    and the stealth is incredible(im in NSW).
    Ive had some nice plants outside because of them.:leaf::leaf::leaf:

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    i dont like attitude its a bit harder to get my order where i want it to go. and to the people.

    where as pick and mix seem tobe the best in almost every aspect.

    listen im not gonna sit here saying try them try them
    all i can say is there good i live in oz and ive found them better than others

    sadly to my grief Nirvana and the attitude included i urge you not to go them youll get a customs letter like me or they wont send your shit lol.... you could get lucky tho

    p.s my nirvana stealth shipping was shit house. sorry to say

    stilltokin Well-Known Member

    Ok i get pick and mix is a good site but ive ordered off Nirvana numerous times to OZ and their stealth was so good I had to look through it properly to find em. The package i got from them a few days ago, the stealth was so incredible customs would NOT find em if they opened it. Dont know what happened to u Jester but this is the best seedbank ive ordered off yet. I could tell you what the package looked like from Nirvana but that wouldnt really be stealth anymore...

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    yeah well im happy for you no shit lol.

    my nirvana escapades have been nothing but shit.

    try pick and mix

    i bet they make it and that yourt happy with the merchandise

    stilltokin Well-Known Member

    yea ill probably try pick and mix next if I have to order seeds. Will probably just breed my strain I have growing now(aurora indica) so I dont ever have to go through that sketchy shit again.

    Jester88 Well-Known Member

    you should you wont be sorry i guarantee it :)

    besides wouldnt it be good to be able too mix an change
    or even cross. not hard if you know whatyour doin.

    the hillbillie ways of getting seeds are good. enough but with more patience and material know how and time. you could be BREEDING and growing your most favourite weed. ie your aurora and jack herer cross

    mmmm doesnt that sound yummmy
    thats one possibility.

    but i just find its good to have a few beans in the arsenal ya know

    p.s sorry about the long useless post im bored.

    but basically i have tried a few ace. some are ok but others ar usless or rip offs.

    i got in trouble from this site for slandering nirvana... well in my oppinion they suck. i paid about 150 bux for 3 strains my order didnt come. took me ages too finaly get in contact with them. so they resend, the resend didnt come.. a letter from customs did tho. an my next one from them wasnt even what i ordered it was 20 (most probably skunk seeds, thats all they could say.)

    plus you cant call them really and there jus strait up hard to get hold of.

    there a goodbank tho apparently maybe iwas just unlucky

    this among other things led me to pick and mix finally

    and i havent looked back since :)

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