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Order Pure DXM Online.

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Dr. Conrad, Jul 18, 2009.

    Dr. Conrad

    Dr. Conrad Active Member

    Hey I have read the DXM FAQ and various other educational DXM documents. Most of these sources state that one can legally order pure powdered DXM online from chemical suppliers. However all over their lists are outdated and the companies no longer exist. I was wandering if anyone knew and DXM distributors that willingly sell to individuals?:joint:kiss-ass

    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    id like to know when you find out
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    yea same here go easy though remember only like 600mgs of it like half a half a teaspoon

    420ganja420 Well-Known Member


    Never ordered from them and I think you may have to give them an email to see if they still carry it or if it is still in stock. Enjoy. They don't sell much, just a few of the not so worthwhile RC's. Only one that interests me is Desoxypipradrol which I believe is illegal in the USA right?

    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    ok, now some one let me know if you order it lol

    and while yor at it.....

    and vote on this contest:
    which contest?

    thehairyllama Well-Known Member

    You usually get beet trying to find a good resource.

    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    You can go to wallgreens/CVS and buy (or whatever) gel caps with only DXM inside.

    Just throwin' that out there...

    420ganja420 Well-Known Member

    He is probably under 18 in real life and loves his cough syrup. State probably just put the age restriction on the stuff where he is (and it is about time).
    Dr. Conrad

    Dr. Conrad Active Member

    Ummm I can't even believe how wrong you are. I'm 18 exactly and was looking for a way to just get pure DXM because i HATE cough syrup and dont like all the other binders and shit in the pills either. SO FUCK OFFkiss-ass
    fried at 420

    fried at 420 Well-Known Member

    can you check out my thread titled need expert advice as to not die?
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    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    Angry. :-|

    Anyway, just go to CVS/Walgreens and get the all DXM gel caps. Then the worst that can happen is that they card you when you buy them.
    Dr. Conrad

    Dr. Conrad Active Member

    ur not getting it. i hate taking all those pills or caps. i just want pure dxm to make my own 250mg tabs. does anyone know where dxm can be purchased?:confused:

    420ganja420 Well-Known Member

    Do an extraction then.....

    jursch420 Active Member

    gross dxm isnt even real drugs is something that helps u get better when ur sick go ake some dmt or acid or something worth ur time

    "hey guys guess what?"
    "lets take some cough syrup and goto sleep!"
    "yeah man that sounds like fun!"

    Mr.KushMan Well-Known Member

    Obviously your not that smart. DXM is the dextrorotatory enantiomer of the methyl ether of levorphanol, as well as a stereo isomer of levomethorphan. Sounds to me like its a real drug. Your right certain drugs will help you at certain times and others will not, like opiates maybe needed when your in a great deal of pain, and different kinds of opiates are engineered to do different things on different parts of the body. All kinds of drugs have been engineered including LSD which was a feat to discover a drug of such great potency. So get off your high horse and do some fucking DRUGS!!!! But only if your comfortable with them, thats the route to a good experience.


    MariaJUANA555 Member

    DXM is a wonderful drug, and definantly worth the time.
    But don't drink cough syrup, or take cough meds that have other chemicals in it other than DXM... that could be very dangerous to your body, and it could also make you super sick.

    420ganja420 Well-Known Member

    Not true at all. DXM is rather strange. Well known to have abuse potential but the thing is, no matter what the release as a replacement cough suppressant, it will be able to be used recreationally. It is also rather potent for something OTC. And as the guy below me says "DXM is the dextrorotatory enantiomer of the methyl ether of levorphanol, as well as a stereo isomer of levomethorphan."

    Exactly. :clap: I'm not one for DXM/DXO but I would love to have a way to convert it to levorphanol or levomethorphan.

    You are right about that. The times I have taken large doses of DXM, the bad effects always came stronger with the use of unextracted syrups or gel capsuls. But it the experience was much better when extracted and use as a pure powder.

    I wonder how a freebase form of dextromethorphan would be. I may as well do some digging.

    thehairyllama Well-Known Member

    Ive been looking for a while.
    =D Found but cant obtain. =\
    Playing With PEA's

    Playing With PEA's New Member

    Well you should just give them an E-mail with your pitch. :-) Be a cough lollipop maker! :-D

    mindcloud Member

    I agree, dxm has some very strange effects. Some people can't stand the taste of syrups or swallowing all those pills so powder in gel caps would be the way to go imo.

    I've heard mention of people using smaller amounts of dxm in order to potentiate the effects of opiates. Has anyone used it in this way before?

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