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orange pistils

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by ricantito08, Aug 4, 2007.


    ricantito08 Active Member

    hey i have my plant on its 6th week of flowering, the shit has little tiny buds because the plant wasnt really mature to put into flowering but i did it anyways. These couple of days all the white pistils are starting to turn orange. does that mean its almost time for harvest or does the flowering process continue far more after all the pistils are orange

    turbo Active Member

    once 80% of the white pistils turn a hint of orange it is time to harvest

    mbud Active Member

    Not necessarily. I think its the crystals (tricones, sp?) that are the best sign of ripe buds. When they turn 40% to 80% amber the buds ready.
    Check the growfaqs, thats where I got this from.

    I had a plant that had most of the hairs turned brown but the bud wasn't swelling. Now, two weeks later I can see that I was stupid for cutting off some of my buds because the plants that I left are getting real fat and shiny with crystals.

    But, I'm just a beginner. Do some searches. Don't take my word on it. There are some really good threads from well informed people here. I havn't left this site in 2 days.

    Dankdude Well-Known Member

    Pull the buds when the tichomes are 25% amber, anymore and it won't matrer if it's an indica or a sativa, you'll get couch lock.

    Ho-Ho-Ho Active Member

    The pistils have nothing to do with the time of harvest! The only sure way to do it is to watch the trichomes. When they start to turn from clear to smokey or amber that is the time. Also, not all of the plant is ready to harvest at the same time.
    I look at the bottom, middle and top of each plant and only harvest from the area that is ready.

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