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Optimum Humidity Levels/Temps

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by clscbr, Nov 14, 2006.


    clscbr Active Member

    Can someone remind me of the best humidity and temps for veg and flowering?

    BaconSquishy Well-Known Member

    best temp 75-80, humidity dunno

    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    78 temp, 40% hum

    stonedscotte Active Member

    40-60% humidity 23c lights on 18c lights off

    Shanus Active Member

    http://www.growery.org/2824/Optimal-Humidity-rH-and-Temperature-Ranges-for-Cannabis <-- great temp/humidity info!

    Old thread here I know, but it gets asked weekly, so here......spread this around.

    Thru my own experience, my babies curled up with too much light and humidity under 25%. Now with 2 humidifiers dropped in plastic 5gallon totes, I keep 2- 18" fans on and the humidity stays around 60-70%. The room is 8x6x6 w/a 1000w mh burnin', and a 1350watt space heater. I figure that if the air smells and tastes like a forest, the veggies will flourish. I'm going to slowly lower it in flower and maintain about 30-40%. Last week, no water and as dry as i can make it! Hope this helps.

    Megalith Well-Known Member

    good link

    stay below 40% to dry. I haave no idea why people cant just answer a question. Quoting scripture? Are you kidding? I personally spay(foliar feed) throughout until about week 6 of flower. I run about 40% then. I had an issue once @ 45% end of flower but I do spay them. Fans and good air movement are key. If you cant get a high % in veg just spray them a couple times a day. I'd wouldnt recommend in flower unless you know what your doing.

    kblcljack Member

    The best temp for vegging and flowering is 65-75 degrees. And humidity for veg is 60-70% but be sure not to go over 70% cause it can cause mold and bacteria to feed on. But for humidity in flowering you can lower it to the 40-60% range.

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