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Ontario Seed Bank

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by Equinox911, Jul 24, 2011.


    Equinox911 Well-Known Member

    I purchase a 5 pack of (The Church) femenized from Ontario Seed bank in Toronto for $150.00 with out knowing that other Toronto seed company's where selling them for $65.00

    0 seeds germinated (I have done this for 11 years and never had this happen) returned the original package and was given 5 White Widow Femenized in a bag (no brand name package). Today I checked on my "Girls" which are two weeks in to 12/12 and two of them are clearly male and had to be cut down!

    I would not recommend the Ontario Seed bank in Toronto to any one, he sells his seeds at an inflated rate ( I could have purchased them at a competitor for less than half price)

    The store sells no name seed's that he claims are femenized and brand name which they clearly are not!

    There are three other stores in the G.T.A. that sell brand name seeds in the original packaging that stand behind thier product's at considerably cheaper prices. I won't name them as I do not want to appear to be advertising for them but if you are looking for seed's in Toronto contact all the stores that offer these products and compare pricing and germination warranty!

    I now have a 1000 watt light running for 3 plants that I am not even sure if they are White Widow and or how they will turn out???
    I will update this post when they finish off and let you all know how they turn out.
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    ronnie69 Active Member

    I agree the man is a scam....bought columbian gold indica from him and it was from wild rose seeds. This was supposed to finish by mid sept but by oct 9th i still had q-tip buds. Certainly wasn't what i paid for. As far as The church fems i had 2 outta 10 germ (bullshit) and ps: i only paid $60/5pk!....different distributor

    muaythaibanger Well-Known Member

    Those ontario banks are just seed flippers with crazy fuckin prices. Hillarious really.
    I order from seed banks in the UK. Dopeseeds and herbiesheadshop for years.Never had a problem. Fairly quick delivery coming to Canada.
    And no doubt the seeds are fresher.
    Now, the price difference is whats fuckin funny.
    Heres an example
    Dopeseeds sells a 5 pak of feminized church for 19 UK pound or 29.36 canadian dollars.
    And those fuckers charged u 5 times as much.
    Even the other cheaper ontario seed flippers are still rippin the buyers.
    Fuck em all and just buy from UK.
    No worries about customs in Canada.Not like the US

    resinousflowers Well-Known Member

    i prefer herbies head shop simply because of the lay out of the website and the quality freebies.

    muaythaibanger Well-Known Member

    Plus herbies have Mr Nice seeds. Dopeseeds don't,but I did get lots of freebies from em over the years.

    allSmilez Active Member

    @Equinox- Or you could just order from Attitude. That's where I got my Mr. Nice gear, and spending as much as you did, you'd have three FREE feminized seeds. I don't know anyone that's had a problem with customs in the U.S. Not that it doesn't exist, but that shit is rare for those that have seeds confiscated. it's like .0001% chance. Just don't order that guaranteed delivery, it's a waste of money and draws attention from those that are processing packages.

    CanadianDank Well-Known Member

    Yeah, never had a bad experience withe the Tude.

    000DankStank000 Member

    GTA Seed bank is the best in Toronto hands down
    Cannasaurus Rex

    Cannasaurus Rex Member

    Agreed dankstank nothing like walk-in retail and all breeder packs, OSB overpriced and I don't like the euro-trash advertising. All the seedbanks here have a local breeder OSB has wild rose Hemp Depot has beanhoarder GTA has kush kush and green seeds. They are cheaper pollen chucker style, not originals or cubed, all f1's or s1's but can produce keepers like anyone elses, but mainly untested mids or whatever. I prefer cash in hand biz over the international worry your fucking head off mail order.

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