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One plant produces one pound of salable marijuana.

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by untitled1, Feb 3, 2009.


    vapedg13 New Member

    This is what my 6 inch cups look like after 2 weeks..... see how the leaves are droopy and curling

    I have tried to go from the cup directly into 12 inch pots....but for some reason I dont get as much

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    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    How many lights are you running?

    That's a hell of a lot of work shuffling the plants around every day. You've got to really be dedicated..
    I'm sure there's an easier way to reach your yield though.

    KRISTfrog Active Member

    But doesn't that not make sense? Why not have 2 lights on opposing cycles? Then you dont have to move your plants twice a day. The stress from that and transplanting a bunch of times could add up.

    Oh and if you pay that much for an O. your crazy. 200 tops in canada for the best. If i had to pay 300 id shoot myself.

    vapedg13 New Member

    Ok let me explain......

    If someone grew 16 plants in a 12 by 12 area...... now they could do 32 plants in that area because of adding a dark room (24 hrs darkness)

    Now grow all 32 plants until they bearly fit into the 12 by 12 room .....then I split them into 2 groups of 16...each group gets rotated every 12 hours into the dark room.

    I do this at 7am and 7pm it take 20 mins to rotate them...by the time the plants are in bud (14 days after I cut the lights) they have filled the most of the room again....it does leave me enough room for the nexted batch

    The weed that we see in Washington fom Canada is BC shit weed and goes for $150 -175 OZ DEPENDING ON GRADE...looks crystally ...taste like hay and the high ...well I get higher from hitting my head in the wall

    Simple math my friends.....same amount of light....same size grow area...just added a 24 hr dark area

    16 plants @ 8 oz = 8 lbs

    32 plants @ 8 oz 16 lbs.....in the same area

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    That's cool how you worked out the roatating plants but you could instead switch to a perpetual grow where you would only move a couple plants a week. It lets you fit more plants in all spaces because only some are full size at a time. You can arrange your plants in a stadium fashion to compensate for the difference in height.
    I think you'd get even better yields with perpetual rooms and make your life easier at the same time.

    vapedg13 New Member

    Bro sometimes I have alot going at 1 time.... 1/2 of them are in bud....some are in veg... 3 different phases of growth

    untitled1 Active Member

    To me the math doesn't seem to add up. If I only have enough space for 16 plants, my dark room would come out of my grow room so I still only have 16 plants.

    But as long as it works for you that's all that matters. Personally, I'd go crazy spending 40 minutes everyday shuffling plants. I admire your dedication.

    vapedg13 New Member

    Thats where your meassing up your adding....its a dark room....your not splitting your grow room... its an addtional room.''


    I grew in a walk in closet..with 2-400 mh.... Normally I could only grow 6 full size plants in a 3ft - 6 ft area.

    Then I started my rotating method and grew 12 plants in that area

    I used a bathroom as my addtional dark room and rotated the 2 groups of 6 plants.....it took about 5 min to rotate or 10 mins a day

    You dont need more light just a dark area for the plants

    In Veg growth I leave my lights on 24/7 so there are no spikes in my electric bill...... NOW even when I'm in bud the lights are still on for 24/7

    IslandGreenGuy Well-Known Member

    Sounds fine for people who don't have lives, jobs, kids, or vacations. Other then that ,I would love to rotate plants twice a day.

    vapedg13 New Member

    Bro I'm middle aged... married.... kids... own a landscape company and have 5 employees... it only takes 15 -20 mins a day...anyone can do this especailly if they are small time

    Vacations are fun to try to plan around...thats why you have co-ops or others who can look in on your shit

    patmeel Active Member

    well said vap

    superhighme Well-Known Member

    what kind of shit are you getting from washington? Besides the occasional where the fuck did you get this shit stuff I never seem to run across "hay weed" here. In fact...... the worst weed I ever smoked was in Cali, but that was almost 8 years ago. A lot has changed there since then. but the weed tasted like dog shit when I went on vacation out there.

    Id have to say that most of the weed I get here in WA state is of good quality. If it looks like shit or smells like shit.... you don't buy it. no matter how bad you want to smoke ;) but thats just how I roll!

    OF COURSE. none of it is as good as my own grown stuff, but.... thats without saying! :P

    Ramona's Well-Known Member

    i only work 3 nights a week, i spend every waking moment with my gardens inside and out.

    Kingb420 Well-Known Member

    im weak, under 2, but severe vertical restraint

    superhighme Well-Known Member

    I get it~ if that counts for anything.

    Also...Im not sure how people say it would take 40+ minutes to move plants. my grow area is a tiny closet. Ive never measured it, but I think its about 4ftx3ft. I can fit about 10-12 plants in it and it would probably take me 5 minutes to move them to another area.

    I like the idea. now you got me thinking. Maybe I should Veg my clones through the night while my Flowering plants have a dark cycle, but then again.... I have a small space. Might work better when I pick up my grow tent :P since my bathroom has a window that I cant cover since its on the roof it wouldnt be dark during the day. :P:leaf::leaf::leaf:

    superhighme Well-Known Member

    I work from home and stare at my plants all day. Lucky me. :leaf::leaf:

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Well with your size closet you must have a real job from home. May I ask what it is?

    vapedg13 New Member

    He he...I havent bought weed in years:idea:

    But my friends donate weed to me... they show me and give me samples for trade... if its good weed I trade them.

    I have only found 3 other strains of weed that compairs to my strain.....My bro who owns Sinners Tatto has alot of stoners through his shop and he still wants my smoke and so do his friends.

    They trade weed and such for tats
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    smokeandfly Well-Known Member

    ok whoever says you cant yield a pound a plant obviously hasnt looked around much iv heard of alot of guys getting over a pound per plant im vegging a white widow atm under a 600watt hps and im looking for around the pound mark when im done. veged it for 2 months on canna vega a and b that stuff rocks then will flower with canna flora a and b with help of monsta bud and pk top up its about 1meter square after being tied down if i veged for twice as long i could prob get 2 pounds

    Negrodamus Member

    Plus rep for you vape I like the idea idk why so many people are rippin on it. There's so many threads about "how do i get max yield in a blah blah etc etc" floating around you'd think people would give up 20-40 minutes a day to double their yield. I might use this, lack of electric spikes is an awesome benefit as well.:bigjoint:

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