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one leaf per leaf??????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by rezo, Jan 25, 2008.


    rezo Well-Known Member

    my plants are growing fine but only have 1 finger per leaf on em whats going on is this bad ? has any one seen this happen before?

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    rezo Well-Known Member

    nobody got any thing.????

    drew420man Well-Known Member

    ha dude its fine. get it go. just something in the genes

    mattso101 Well-Known Member

    are they all growing like this? or just one? have not seen thatg before. there could stress on the mother were the clones were taken from. thats my only guess Kepp growing the see what happens

    ninjasmoke Active Member

    I had a few like that one time, they snapped out of it once they got older. but what was strange, is I'm pretty sure each plant that did that turned out to be a hermy. I hope yours don't.

    stonegrove Well-Known Member

    looks like mint [​IMG]

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    keep us posted on what you find..maybe something to add to plant problems or something in a faq.

    rezo Well-Known Member

    when i thought back i had a sensi star plant outdoor do this once. it didnt turn hermy though. these plants were all from a good female mother plant.
    i hope they turn out ok.

    mal_crane Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about it Rezo, I've had several plants with odd gene like this and they all came out fine. Some kept their odd leaf patterns through the whole growing process. Just different genes is all. And I wouldn't worry about the hermie thing either; how many leavelets per leaves your plant has doesn't have anything to do with it becoming a hermie. Some strains have 13 leavelets per leaf and I've seen strains with 1-3 leavelets per leave. Hell there are even strains which have connecting leavelets.

    ViciousDelicious Active Member

    when i was growing from seed under a very insufficent light i had leaves turn out JUST like that. i tossed 'em. they were two weeks old and i had clones on the way. i also used a wayyyyy high nitrogen feed that prolly effed 'em up.

    mal_crane Well-Known Member

    No reason to toss out good plants. The plants genes determine how many leavelets it has per leaf. Nothing to do with insufficient lighting or hermying or any of that.

    badfishie Member

    I have the same issues with some of my mother plants. They are only a couple of months old and all came from the same clones originaly. So you think its just in the genes then?

    dtownscience Member

    I wouldn't toss them, everythings gunna be fine :bigjoint:

    420pharms Member

    could be ph but satori has pheno like that and she flat out kicks ass good yield high trich production no hermis. keep them lil bitches alive

    Subtlechaos Well-Known Member

    If it should turn out to stay like that, I think you'd have something VERY NICE there. Just think about it.. A pot plant that doesn't look like a pot plant??? Too bad it couldn't be a genetic trait.

    wetgrimlinz Member

    my plant has 3 leaves everywhere else but the bottom decided to grow only 1 leaf this just started happening thow

    milpitan Member

    i have the same thing going on with my plants. i dont know why, but i do know that i have two different strains in my room and both are doing it. i have both mothers outside flowering in the freezing cold and they dont have the leaf issue. i am stumped. the only time i ever seen this is when i tryed to revert a flowering plant back to veg. i have also seen this right before it hermied.

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    this usually happens when the plants are confused because of lighting. you will notice that when you take a flowering plant and put it under 18/6 it will begin doing this for a while. possibly you had low lighting for the first few weeks? ive only seen this happen when plants change cycles from flower to veg.

    99gt Member

    Yeah I have a few that are doing that also, but then on sum of the leaves it's got 3-5 leafs and the 1leafer on the other

    lowerarchy Active Member

    On a side note I've read in the Microgram Bulletin that cops in Ontario found a trailer grow that was exclusively a pheno like this. Often these weird 2/3 fingered leaves don't have pronounced serrations like most dope does; cops thought it was some rogue genetic engineer that made the dreaded "disguised pot plant" that everyone's been shitting themselves over since the 70's. Turns out that the law, with their infinite deductive capabilities and investigative resourcefulness, went online and found just such a discussion as this on some growing forum, put their minds to rest. The funny thing is that they sent it to the DEA (they're the ones that put out the microgram bulletin - fascinating reading, all about smuggling and dirty shit in hard drugs, some weed stuff too) who had a little freakout and published before the case was cracked.

    Can't remember where exactly I found it; they're all PDF so they're hard to search.

    Anyways, good thread, and to all the cops reading this out there: don't worry, call your brethren in blue in the OPP, they can vouch for all us here, we haven't made weed look like hops or barley yet.

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