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One leaf per Leaf .. doesnt look like pot plant

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Liam420, Dec 18, 2009.


    Liam420 Well-Known Member

    not sure what happened, everything was going fine .. then they started growing awkward... not sure what to do... there kinda started to bud weird.. any ideas?

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    potberto Active Member

    Are those clones? If so, leave them. I had a frisian clone do that.. Took a couple weeks of single leafs and some weird twisty leaves. But soon it started popping regular leaves, and now it's nearing it's end and it's got big fat drippy nugs all over it..

    Nature has a way of sorting shit out :)

    MonstroniuM Active Member

    cant say I have seen anything like this, not even 'look a like' plants are similar to this lol. be curious to see if someone has an actual reason on why they may do this. none the less do what that guy said ---^.

    ieatglue88 Well-Known Member

    looks like they stretched for light and started to flower early?

    Huh?? Well-Known Member

    I've seen plants do that from light stress,has the lighting schedule been jumping around or was it reveged?

    FireCoral Active Member

    I agree with potberto. I've had clones do that too. Anywhere from 1-9 fingers. Don't know why it does it exactly, but it doesn't affect the plant. Grows and blooms just fine if it's taken care of properly.

    skervy Active Member

    them are way stretched out and looks like revegged clone leaves to me
    The cap

    The cap Well-Known Member

    Nope, spot on Potberto.. I had clones and exactly the same but after a couple of weeks all normal and now kick ass....

    potberto Active Member

    If you don't believe me check it out - this is a picture of the nugs on my Frisian Dew plant from yesterday:


    This plant was a clone from a friend. For two weeks all it grew were single and triple leaves. Some of the single leaves curled around the branches - looked like a screw going around.. Some leaves had no ridges on them and spanned the entire length of the branch - they were some really fucked up looking leaves.

    My buddy pulled 10 clones and they all did that. He ended up chopping every single one of them thinking they mutated. I had room in my closet so I just let them go. After a couple weeks all was back to normal and as you can see the plant is now doing fine :D

    My buddy that got one was pissed too - he killed his before waiting it out. Now he sees the nugs and is kicking himself! haha

    Good luck

    deoss69 Active Member

    looks like a lil bit of stress should get better

    Liam420 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the info!! i have left them and there started to flower a bit nice,

    treetime Member

    i am having the one leaf problem but it occurs after they start to flower
    Dizzle Frost

    Dizzle Frost Well-Known Member

    normal when the hormones change

    and most clones will have one or three fingered leaves, some even look mutated but will recover with time and growth


    I have a plant doing the same thing But I grow outside not inside. Mine are in stacks of tires I planted them late but they are really tall and have what appear to be the start of buds(fat thorn like hair maybe) Im not sure they are gonna produce this year my friend says i probly started tolate I need some advice from an expert. If I planted them in early may I think and they are already about 3 ft tall do u think they will bud this late?

    cannabutt Well-Known Member

    looks like it's in re veg mode? you have light issues... :leaf:

    HotShot7414 Well-Known Member

    I have about 20 plants that look like this in my back yard,i have grown before but i never seen em like this,im not even sure if these plants are cannabis,but the leaf formation is exactly alike.i threw a bunch of seeds like 3-4 months ago now these things are everywhere,even in the neighboring yards.I have searched for hours looking to find a plant that resembles cannabis but none seemed to match,I have a theory that my seeds mutated into a NEW plant with cannabis genes.And all the answers i have gotten from here is maybe light,too much nutes.....etc but nature did this so.....ANYONE CARE TO EXPLAIN!!!

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