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One ? about 6 strains: Can anyone give a newcomer some feedback?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Kaleidoscope Mind, Jan 14, 2013.

    Kaleidoscope Mind

    Kaleidoscope Mind Member

    Hello, Rollitup. Long time lurker, first time poster here.

    First off, I admit I am not the most experienced grower: I have 3 botched grows (bagseed and Nirvana Bubblicious autoflowering) and 2 successes so far (bagseed and OG Kush from Reserva Privada), and am looking to plan ahead to my next grow (or two).

    I am looking for some plants that will finish within 60 days of turning to flower, have at least an average yield (A minimum of 1 ounce per plant, although more is always better; due to space I can only grow 2 plants at a time), will thrive in an indoor setting, have relatively stable genetics (few if any different phenotypes, doesn't hermaphrodite at the drop of a dime, etc.), good potency (equally as important as yield), good duration of high (2+ hours would be ideal), and have either little odor or a non-typical odor (nothing that smells like skunk, fuel, or flatulence.)

    After reading around some journals, here are the strains I am most curious about:

    Ice Bomb from Bomb Seeds
    Berry Bomb from Bomb Seeds
    THC Bomb from Bomb Seeds
    C99 from Female Seeds
    Bubblegummer from Female Seeds
    Blue Dream from Humboldt Seed Company

    Does anyone have any experience with these strains in an indoor setting? Which ones best fit what I have described above? If you have other recommendations, feel free to add those in too, but I'm most curious about these.

    Thank you all for your time, and I hope I can be a good contributor to this community in the future.

    mytwhyt Well-Known Member


    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    Why not grow OG Kush from Reserve Privada again? It worked for you once so try and get it dialed in, learn to clone etc...
    Kaleidoscope Mind

    Kaleidoscope Mind Member

    While OG Kush was a good strain when it came to potency and duration of the high, was a good feeder (had absolutely NO nutrient or PH issues) and yield wasn't too shabby either (around 2 ounces after 30 days of vegetation and 60 days of flower) I didn't like the smell or taste overly much (not a fan of heavy skunk or diesel tastes). I grew it because it was a freebie that came with the Nirvana seeds I ordered at that time, and while I'm glad I did so (and would recommend Reserva Privada seeds again to anyone) OG Kush just wasn't my cup of tea. Or bowl of weed, as it were. ;-)

    I will be learning how to clone, though, in the coming future. I just want to find a strain that is something I would want to keep on board first.

    yesum Well-Known Member

    Northern Lights, I went with Classic Seeds version at Hemp Depot.

    althor Well-Known Member

    C99 from female seeds is really good. Smells like tropical fruits.
    Bubblegummer from female seeds basically matches the description. It has a skunky dank smell in flowering, after it cures about 20-30 days you get the pink bubblegum smell. The smell probably isnt what you are looking for, too skunky.

    Buddy is growing Medibomb from Bomb, but it is only about 5 weeks into flower so I cant really tell you much about it.
    Kaleidoscope Mind

    Kaleidoscope Mind Member

    Thank you for the suggestions so far!

    I'm a little bummed to hear that about Bubblegummer, but I'm definitely sold on C99!

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    Go with c99. It usually finishes between 48-53 days. Next generations dynamite has a pheno that finishes in 42 days or so 6-7 weeks as well. Smells like grapefruit.
    Kaleidoscope Mind

    Kaleidoscope Mind Member

    And then there were 4...

    Well I finally got a bit of money and was able to budget in a quick order. I would up with a pack each of:

    C99 from Female Seeds (my choice for a Sativa dominant plant this go round)
    Berry Bomb from Bomb Seeds (my Indica dominant choice)

    And along with them came Blue Rhino and Caramel Ice, both feminized freebies from Positronics Seeds. I looked up as much information as I could find on the breeder or either strain and what I found was sparse and mixed. Does anyone have any feedback?

    highfirejones Active Member

    bubblegummer is a good strain to have around but as far as not skunky, tga jack the ripper and querkle are potent, fast and fruity, jtr is citrus and querkle is grapey tasting

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