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ONA Block?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Butthead08, Aug 6, 2008.


    Butthead08 Well-Known Member

    The Stig

    The Stig Well-Known Member

    yeap I had a couple of those in my grow room, and for me they work really fine (I have also an carbon filter, but Im not even using it right now, there's no need) but I'm growing bidbud witch almost doesn't smell at all lol :mrgreen:

    but if u have some stinky plants the ona block will help, but consider getting a activated carbon filter or similar :blsmoke:

    Butthead08 Well-Known Member

    hey thanks a lot, we're not sure how much they'll be stinkin yet... lol. But just trying to get an idea of what we need to get to make sure we don't stink the house up!

    thanks for the quick response!

    Acidburn999819 Well-Known Member

    ona blocks work...you can get the cheap no name product in home depot...its with all the cleaning supplies. Works well with small grows....i use 1/2 for three 2/3 foot plants. if you have any more than that i woud look into a carbon filter...works but dosn't elliminate odor
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    DR. VonDankenstine

    DR. VonDankenstine Well-Known Member

    What doesn't eliminate odors???

    Butthead08 Well-Known Member

    thanks acid that's great news for us, as our grow is small. we'll definitely try them now!

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    definatly get them bro. They work great. They work on a chemical basis. They bond to organic material in the air and nuetrilze it. (By changing the compound) which in turn alters the smell to clean laundry. haha for 7 dollars you cant go wrong with this stuff

    Butthead08 Well-Known Member

    Sweet thanks guys we will defiantly be getting a few of them. Thanks again!

    luarg2 Well-Known Member

    I just bought that new Lysol time ativated sprayer which bursts a small spray of lysol every 9,18,36 minutes. That seems to be working just fine for me. Its a odor eliminator. Sorry dont mean to jack just letting ya'll know.

    Butthead08 Well-Known Member

    No you not jacking at all. That sounds good too. I will check that out also. Thanks luarg2!

    luarg2 Well-Known Member

    cool... yea I got it on sale at my local grocery store for $7.99 couldn't pass on that. Funny thing is when Im in the grow room and checking on the plants it makes me jump cause It goes off by itself and I never know when to expect it( Im far from being a scary person too). But it works great.

    Butthead08 Well-Known Member

    lol you cant beat it for 8 bucks

    nathenking Well-Known Member

    Ona is so great that I throw it in my trunk when ever im traveling with any amount of ganga. that way those angry dogs wont get a hit. I believe in it that much. (plus im studying to be a chemical engineer and I like all that kinda shit)

    cobra420 Active Member


    secretforestgarden Active Member

    I would keep the ona block and save my $600 and build my own stealth pc system with a taller tower (22" or more). And, I would not put flashy LED fans on it--what do you think that is going to do to the light cycle environment? What would flashing lights in your face do to your sleep cycle? haha.

    I'm finally going to be starting my stealth PC system with a CFL/LED combo. I'll post pics in my grow journal soon!

    Trailingpickles Well-Known Member

    just bought a ONA block. (its the green 6oz fresh linen)
    I'm going to be using it on my small one plant grow box, i will have the ONA block sitting on the out-take fan.
    I'm very confident that this block will keep the weed plant from danking the room up.

    I paid 14.00 bucks CAD for mine.

    dbuffet Member

    Don't put ona in your grow. It will make your plants taste like clean laundry. I learned the hard way. Put it outside of your grow. I keep one by my front door and by the window I exhaust threw. The block sits right in the exhaust ducting.

    lowblower Well-Known Member

    i never used the block but was thinking of puttin one near my exhaust. I had a pot of the gel and it works really well, but in order for it to really work, i had to takee it out of the grow room, remove the lid completely and put an oscilating fan by it so it got a breeze over it ever 10 seconds. works very well. i got lowryders and sour diesel haze autos and pineapple express autos in week 6 flower and my g/f still doesnt know i got them in my closet. she might b able to smell a wiff of ganj now n then but nothin to raise much suspicion. u need a breeze on the ona for it to work. and if its in the grow room it doesnt work it just smells like warm lemony musky skunk pouring out of the closet and stinks the whole house. i cant have a carbon filter coz they r nouisy as hell n i live in a shared house so got no other option but so far so good.

    as far as the binding to organic compounds in the air goes, id love to know what that does to my lungs :/ i see on the label it says its designed to be non toxic and thats why i got it, because those plug in air freshners or any other chemical air freshner for houses all say 'may produce an allergic reaction' and 'dangerous to the environment' on the back. so for now i got my confidence in the ona gel ;) if i start coughing blood or wake up with nosebleeds ill re post

    OldGrowth420 Active Member

    Thanks for the info on the ONA block

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