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On average - how high before flower

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by ACSCorp, Feb 8, 2008.


    ACSCorp Well-Known Member

    I know depending on the strain, lighting, nutes and environment, different plants can achieve different heights and that during flowering, plants can grow anywhere from 50% to 200% more than their vegetative state. Also read flowering can be forced at any time but that the earliest should be at 18 inches and that height is a personal preference.

    I was wondering about how high (no pun intended) do you all let your plants get until you flower? Just want to see what some of you experienced growers are doing.

    I also have a 10 foot high space I can use (it's stealthy too). Is it a waste to grow it in here due to the long veg time (maybe huh)? Should I just focus on 3 to 5 foot plants to roll over the crop to grow more (SOG)?

    I'm starting out with three 400 watt HPS, two 175 watt MH and cfl's for seedlings. Gonna run the all the MH and one HPS in veg and yes, carbon scrub and vent and of course mylar cause it's cool! :hump:
    jay cas

    jay cas Well-Known Member

    its not the height that you should go off to start blooming. you can train your plants to be as tall (to an extent) or short as you want them to be (to an extent). instead, go off of maturity of the plant. 4-5 weeks of good healthy growth in the veg stage is what i do and seems to be the most common.

    SayNoToDrugs Well-Known Member

    Well it depends on what you wonna do, I dont like to grow many plants at a time so i grow fewer larger plants taking up more room in height rather than wide. So i veg to 3 ft.
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    skunkman98536 Well-Known Member

    depends on u ...

    some ppl start 12/12 from seed and others wait 2-4months!

    it all depends on ur prefernce ... u just have to take into account ... if ur toppin it of fimmin it .. super croppin .. different things will make ur plant taller .. or bushy.. and how long u will leave ur light on .. i.e. 18/6...20/4...24/0 ... will play a role in ur plants height ..

    faralos Well-Known Member

    My babies are all between 14-18" and I'm into my 4th day of flowering. I started them after vegging for 2 months with fl's. see? So it's really just personal preference, just remember they'll grow about another 1/3 -2/3 in total plant height during flower stage. I expect mine to top out at about 2-3 feet in height by harvest time. it all depends on your grow room really. some people like tall trees, others like tiny bushes. budsize is NOT determined by plant size alone. many other factors come into play. topping, fimming, nutes, water, light, etc. so don't think you need tall plants for a big harvest

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    skunkman98536 Well-Known Member

    just b/c ur plants are taller doesnt make it so that u will yeild more .. IMO i tihnk that bushy plants will always yeild more .. rather then tall lanky girls ... fat bushy plants have more of the lovin :-P

    Steva569 Active Member

    im with skunkman on this one, fat bitc.... bushy plants make for the lovingg best =P

    cfazzi1 Active Member

    Afternoon all; I've been flowering a couple of white W for a week now, or should I say its whats left after I sorted out males. I started flowering at approximately 36 inches, and their really climbing now. Ive got 7 foot ceiling so I know I'll be okay. In the past Ive always flowered at 18-24, but this time I wanted to try a little bigger and see how they go. When I yanked the males I was heart broken as I am everytime. Hopefully they'll finish strong. This is the first time Ive ever grown wht widows I hope its all its made out to be, as I paid through the nose for the genetice from Holland and went with the best of everything under 600 watts. Any experience with this strain would be appreciated... thanks man
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    Under 400w - 12 - 15"

    This gives you 30" plant - minus 6" of bare stem - for a total vegetative growth height of 24", which just happens to be the max penetration for a 400w bulb. :hump::hump::hump:
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    I agree short fat ladies give more love :hump::lol:

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    I stick mine in under a foot (Indica) and they end up around two.

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