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Omg. Did all my mother plants turn Hermie?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by 7leafmedical, Mar 24, 2013.


    7leafmedical Member

    After nearly 4 months the stems on my 4 mother plants in 3gals have all turn purple for a while now and recently noticed this in the pictures... They are thick looking pistols that point down and seem to touch the pistols that now look dried and dying... Help! Are they all turning hermit after all this time?how do I post pictures? I have them Im just a newb using forums

    7leafmedical Member

    here pics.... IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0002.jpg IMG_0003.jpg IMG_0004.jpg IMG_0005.jpg
    need to know if these 4 month old mothers are turning hermaphrodite . Please get back anyone, im so worried!!!

    bigbudahluva Active Member

    Thick looking pistols (tusks) arnt a sign of hermie, niether is purple stems. Check your temps, im not saying your defo in the clear as your pistols dried out and dying isnt good. To post pics go to google and search free picture hosting, upload your pics to them and then copy and paste the url they give u to where ever you want your pics. :D

    bigbudahluva Active Member

    lol u did it ...

    SimplySmokin Well-Known Member

    Nothing that even resembles hermi to me in those pics anyway. I bbelieve the things your mistaking for "balls" are actuall called calaxsys. They look good. Keep up the good work.

    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    I dont see any signs of male flowers so I dont think it is herm. Those things that dried up in the pics arent a huge deal, I think theyre called stipules or something. The purple striping doesnt mean herm, some strains just do it..it could be a sign of stress but not always. Do you have the plants in a large enough pot, at 4 months old they shouldve been transplanted into at least a 5 gallon (I use 7 gallons for my mother plants). The new growth coming out looks like it might be a little strained..not sure how heavy youre feeding them but Ive found mother plants dont need full strength all the time. Good luck

    dimebong Well-Known Member

    These are old calyxes. The pistils were probably immediately burnt off due to overfeeding evident in your leaves. Rip them off if you want, they're hollow.


    These are dead stipules (part of the leaf) which also get burnt off easily from overfeeding:


    7leafmedical Member

    Thanks everyone for the input. Glad everyone is as supportive as i was hoping. I have been following these forums for a few years but finally signed up to be able to talk with the community as well! So this setup is the mother station hosting 4 strains that we are prop 215 growing (1 pure indica, 2 hybrids, 1 pure sativa) all former cannabis cup winners - Hawaiian Snow, Amnesia Haze, Violator Kush, and Pineapple Chunk. Also growing Green Cracks, Blue Dreams, and White Widows, its quite a garden. But the specs on the "momma cabinet" i built from home depot, is stealth for the most part; light proof, smell, and sound. Its a 2x4x6 foot dresser, stripped, sealed and then lined with insulation and mylar. My partner owns a huge construction company so we do it all right. Speaking of which i majored in botany and minored in biz so yes i like to do things right, or just a sucker with student loans.
    The top shelf was moved to 12" from top and is the "heat box" where it is vented to draw heat from the plants below to keep it all in up top with the hotter electronics/carbon filter/6' inline fan controlled/ducted to the back through a 2 way diffuser vent that looks stealth and sleek. Passive intake at the bottom through a filtered 2way diffuser shoots air evenly across the plants and up, assisted by a mini oscillator fan. So hope i give some ideas from my "blue print" design for others to enjoy being stealth and capable of being able to crank out a couple lbs or so... its powered with a main LED nothing super fancy, supplemented by 4 side firing T8 fixtures. LED is a 600w 5band veg/bloom led that all runs 24/7 to feed the 4 mommas to provide clones and one autoflower every cycle for my personal nugatorys lol. Which by the way grew sensationally better then our auto that grew inside the main HID flowering room; which also had more of a full nute/homorne boost i have to say. Compared side by side the LED autoflower grew 2-3 times more frostyness and density+taste+color then the HID but also had less light on 12/12, but was the same size. But without getting further side tracked this mother station keeps the same temps as the room its in (my room) so the house AC works fine, until summer ill use my 10k BTU unit. Its like a big super air filter for your room... expect you get the benefits of rich oxygenated air you cant get from normal uv/hepa/ozone filters hehe! Ill show you guys the pics. Complety dark from outside at night sealing in all those 100k+ lumens i had running at one point!
    Temps never get into 90s, and never get below 68. Nutes are 90% foxfarm schedule. Feeding blend is Bigbloom/Growbig/super-thrive/molasses all from grow shop. And i use to feed with my sparkles water for the moms lol, but now i just use sit out tap thats always PH treated to ave 6's that i like to vary from time to time. One thing about these moms are they were transferred once only from seed but have been through some stress. Experimenting with different lighting fixtures that works best, ph was off at one point thought, 7's, thought it was nute burn, stunted them all by fimming too much in a row, cutting main fan leaves to keep the ladies shorter and trimming all the time to recieve more light...This is why the concern that one night i was worried. But yes they are the Calyx's! It was the symptoms entirely that also made it seem like hemies was a possibility. But so far so good.
    Now back to finish with the main concern... Purple stems+Drying pistils ect. I cant pinpoint exactly what does it and ive been researching forever. Some say purple is genetic mixed with direct light exposure which may be true. But another slight concern is also maby 5% of the older leaves always die by yellowing which seems to be normal . But at one point like i said the Ph was a little off that was causing what i thought was nute burn. Now this past week they have all been looking better at least. Im really a perfectionist so its hard to determine whats an issue to stress on or if its time to smoke a bowl.
    -This picture is about 3 weeks old... let me know if u guys want to see some more pics of the momma cab, and recent pics... IMG_2184.jpg CFLs are gone now except t8s n LED, and now have a humidifier boosted from 20'-30s, without to now 45-60%

    melungeonman Active Member

    I wouldn't say burn't off These are simply little pre flowers that has run their coarse mother plants will do this after a while. You can snip pinch these off your donations if they occur and they won't get necrostic points in clone, No biggie No hermi either. They look nice and healthy as well good job. peace Melungeonman.

    Apomixis Active Member

    If you majored in botany, then you should know that those little crispy things are called 'stipules'. They are at every node, at any point in the plants' life. The new ones you were concerned with came out with the axillary growth.
    For those of you who thought they were calyxes, look again.

    AimAim Well-Known Member

    I think Majoring in Botany (or anything) is a lot different than Excelling in Botany, or Understanding Botany
    Apomixis likes this.

    Apomixis Active Member

    You made me lolz

    7leafmedical Member

    Yes i know what those "crispy" things are. :) like to make sure especially after all the initial stress they have been through unlike our flowing and veg rooms. But tell me about it, i spent sleepless nights studying and labeling the entire plants anatomy for an A. But the degree is another story. Its just a title back with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans, and nearly pointless in "trying to get a job" with it, until now ;). But more so expressing ones appreciation, passion and dedication to learning about plant science. Plus that was almost 5 years ago buddy, originally studied to be doctor at La Sierra U/Loma Linda U and ended up loving plant biology . Of course I had to maintain a 3.8gpa, but you can't nearly retain every single piece of information you study lol, especially all the stoners on here should understand. Never aced LAB, but would always ace the written exams

    And i also think theres a difference between excelling or understanding Botany, and the anatomy of the Cannabis plant in particular.... -um, which is not taught to students at reputable universities lmao - wont find weed in the textbooks, just a 1/4 page on the term, family, latin name, and definition with a single picture.
    Anyway, thanks for caring everyone , first time growing "herb", so im pretty thorough. Its good to grow up and make friends with law students too because getting a job at a dispensary to grow for and then going to open my own, yay, gotta do what makes ya happy!

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