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OldMedUsers current grow and plans

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by OldMedUser, Oct 21, 2016.

    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    You are being robbed right now by fuckers modern day highway robbers like the Gas industry where they are permitted to advertise Gas costs without the service charge which effectively doubles the Btu costs just like your electric company doubling the KWH advertised costs.
    In B.C costs 8.6 cents for the first 666kwh and 12.4 cent kwh after with a added $5 basic charge a 5% rate rider and GST.
    Oddly electricity is considered a non essential ? wtf
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Wish I could run my lights on gas. That's pretty cheap here.

    Power was cheap here until King Ralph de-regulated the industry and it's gone thru the roof since.
    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    I'm curious if the gas is advertised cheap then when you get your bill its triple ... as those fuckers are relentless haha
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    It's pretty much triple too but still lots cheaper than electricity. They just brought in a carbon levy Jan.1 which is about a 1/3 the cost of the gas but being on a lower income level we get it all back in quarterly rebates. Everything here is heated by gas and the house and shop have 6" walls so we're well insulated. Wish we had a gas stove, dryer and water heater too but those are electric. If we had town water we'd be paying another $75/mth min. Would cost 15G to get that hooked up so fug that.

    On a good note I did a bug check after 3 days of not and only found 3 thrips so that's 1 bug per day! I can live with that. :)

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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Still chugging along on Day 57. The Purple Kush looks ready to chop but the glands haven't filled out yet and most of the ones that have are still clear so I gave her a dose of OverDrive with some added MSM sulfur to see if that helps. All the hairs are red except for some lower down and the big fans have been yellowing for a while so she's damn close.

    Some of my Blue Heaven are getting close too but another 2 weeks I think. Same with the 5 OG18s

    Just the no-name girls look to have another month to go yet. They are the tall ones in the middle two rows front. The big one on the left is loading up with an incredible amount of sugar so I'm going to try to re-veg her and get me some clones.



    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Started cropping last night by taking down most of the Purple Kush. Had to leave a couple lower branches on it as the seeds aren't ripe yet but like I figured she will only have produced about an oz once dried. Very leafy buds that weren't big at all with not a hell of a lot of frost. The fresh scissor hash I smoked last night wasn't impressive either. All in all a waste of space and I'm not going to try to reveg her. I didn't bother using the trimmer and it took me almost 6 hours to get her done fussing around with all the leaves and small buds.

    This is her before chopping. Not even 2' high and she grew in a 4gal pot like the much larger OG18s tho they didn't grow any phat colas like my BH and no-name girls did in 2.5gal pots.


    The pile of sugar trim on the left is as big as the pile of bud tho weighs half as much at 40g. So with 80g of wet bud that will dry down to 1/4 the weight and maybe 5g dry still on the plant she looks to be under an oz. One of my afghani kush would have produced at least 3x that much under the same grow conditions. 2 thumbs down for the PK!


    The mothers the clones came from are/were 10 or more years old and I wonder if that accounts for the not so stellar growth.

    I think I'll start on my Blue Heaven plants next just so I can smile as I trim instead of wanting to toss it all in the bin. :D

    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    Maybe consider using different soil/ nutrient mix its likely something that they aren't eating is keeping them small missing micros or something like that.
    I find a 4 gal pot is good for a 8 oz plant or bigger when using chemical fertilizers.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I can get 8 oz if I ScroG a plant and take my time with it but this was try a shitload of plants and see what you get. The plants I grew in the 2.5gal pots were just around 7" tall from seed when I flowered them and looking to be under an oz each on average so far but the no-name ones look to be the biggest and they have a couple weeks to go yet.

    Got 3 of the Blue Heaven done last night. 8 hours to do those. That f'n trimmer doesn't work worth a crap unless the buds are pre-trimmed almost enough to call done. Beats the crap out of the buds and half the leaf was still there mashed against the buds so the blade couldn't get at them. Spit little bits of trim all over the place and the occasional bud too. Wanna buy a trimmer cheap? :)

    I need to finish off these BH then I'll get my two buddies to come over for a trim party and we'll take down the 5 OG18s in one go. I want to keep a couple of the BH and try to reveg them so I'm keeping the bud separate and reveg the ones I like best. All the decent ones have a couple small branches pollinated with the OTTO#1 so they have to stay in the grow room until the seeds are ripe. Found one ripe seed in a bud that was far away from the pollinated branch so either some random pollen from the Otto or a hermie from the OG. Won't be planting that one. Nice fat healthy seed too.

    I ache all over today but bad weather is rolling in so maybe its that making all my joints so sore. Always sore but today the sharp edges are everywhere. Hopefully not so bad tonight and I'll try to do the rest of the BH. The biggest two are yet to come.

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    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    Are you doing all organic or a blend with chemical fertilizer ?
    I used to do a blend of 75% Organic 25% chemical ferts years ago.
    I stopped growing for 10 years when started back up tried hydroponic nutrients in Coco and immediately started harvesting 8 to 14 oz plants compared 3 and 4 oz plants I used to grow..
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I just noticed your link to your current growing so looking forward to seeing how you manage to grow 8 - 14oz plants. I generally get 2 - 3oz off the plants I grow in pots with soil/soilless and hydro nutes and up to double that with DWC. Even more for both methods when trained and/or ScroGed.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I figure I better get a bit of an update in here because I'm going to busy chopping down the rest of these girls for the next two weeks. I've only taken down four of the SoG plants so far and the tops off four of the five bigger OG18s. 23 plants to go so lots to do yet.

    Found a way to make good pot infused oils from fresh bud right off the plant and it's OK to freeze the buds until all the harvest is done then process in one big batch. The plan is to trim up the bigger buds with good bag appeal then strip the rest of the branches quick for freezing. Just remove any small fans and leaves with no sugar on them and leave the buds as is. Will save days of snipping! The thread is on another forum so if you want the link PM me.

    This is what's left of the garden. The one OG I haven't touched yet is the taller one on the right in the middle of two topped ones.


    I took the 8 biggest tops of each of 4 OG18s to see if the one I fed Bud Ignitor was better than the 3 other plants. Nope. I trimmed and weighed the 8 from each and the test one was about the smallest by weight. Didn't have noticeably bigger or more trichs so I'll not be buying more. They averaged 35.4g/8buds fully trimmed.

    Here's a batch of 8. Not very big but probably more than if the plants were never topped and had just one main cola. This strain has lots of mid-sized buds on each branch rather than less large ones on many strains. Not huge producers but very frosty and smell so good so I may try them in DWC. Got a growing clone from one upstairs to use as a mother for more so I don't have to try to reveg one of these.

    OG18HarvestTrimmed buds01.jpg

    The leaves are so pretty I hated to toss them out. :)



    That's all folks.

    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    Hey old med user i see your pots are on the floor if its cement it will be too cold for the roots.
    If the roots are too cold the whole plant slows it might be responsible for the smaller harvests.

    Anyhow im thinking something is fucking you up and that may well be it

    look into raising the pots or giving them a insulated base to sit on might make a difference
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    All the ones in the center are on styrofoam blocks and at least 4" off the floor. I wasn't expecting much of a yield from those as they were all around 6 -10" tall and un-topped when flipped. More of an experimental SoG grow to see how it did and considering the size of the colas and buds on those it was about what I expected. All seed grown too so a lot of variation in the same strains. A couple of the Blue Heaven will be getting revegged after I test the buds as they get cured enough to smoke. I may reveg one or two of the no-name ones as well as the right pheno from those is very potent. All of those are in 2.5 gal pots.

    The OG18s and the Purple Kush were the gifted clones from 10 year old mother so that may have had a bearing on how they grew. The 5 OGs are 4 gal pots sitting in thick plastic drip trays as is the PK but being shorter has always sat on a small step stool about 10" off the floor. Using my laser thermometer the pots stayed around 70F in a room kept between 75 - 80. I have one growing clone from the OGs that took 3 months to actually show signs of growing but is finally getting it's act together. Another experiment that took it's time but paid off. I seem to have a touch for bringing them back from the dead and have revived many plants over the years that most growers would have tossed. Sometimes just to get them going enough to get some cuttings then toss the mom.

    The PK will be going for reveg as I like the buzz for bedtime and I'd like to see how it does in DWC. It's the first Indica dominant strain I've grown since I moved up here in '01 with 6 hash plant clones.

    All the different strains have been pollinated with the Otto#1 pollen with the best of the BH and no-name plants getting the same treatment so I can grow out CBD versions of each.

    I'm keeping track of every bit of pot that comes off these girls but it's going to be a while before the final numbers are in.

    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    Your doing everything right good insulation good temps good reflection good food and a 1000w bulb
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    Buba Blend

    Buba Blend Well-Known Member

    Love this one!

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Never got seeds from any of the pollinated branches so that's a real disappointment and no luck so far on the reveg tho still have two of the Blue heaven plants alive and hoping one or both start popping out single bladed leaves soon. My one OG clone is growing nicely but still has thrips so spraying that girl down starting today. The Purple Kush died off fast after cropping so it's history but I wasn't impressed with the smoke so no great loss.

    I'll try growing a few of my favorite strains and finding a male or two of each I can use to pollinate the CBD plants with and do it from the other side. :)
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    JohnDoeTho Well-Known Member

    I love the panda film! Great stuff! I utilized it as well.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Was driving home from BC a couple days ago and caught a fire fighting helicopter when I stopped to take some pics of a nice set of mountain peaks.


    Enigma Well-Known Member

    I wish I was there right now.

    The mountains.. something so appealing about them.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    No shit eh.

    I've been back and forth thru those hills at least a few hundred times in the last 60+ years and they never fail to blow my tiny mind.

    Check these out.


    Or this with the glacier on the left that fills the lake in the foreground.


    So homesick. bawl.gif lol
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