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Ohhhhh the evil!!!! BUD WORMS!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by nowstopwhining, Sep 4, 2007.


    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    One of my plants that was farthest along in flowering (3 weeks)got INFESTED with budworms. They are little green and brown caterpillars that hang out inside the bud where you cant see them....they turn the inside of the bud into their own shit and hang out with it.....

    Anyways.....I'm pretty sure I killed all of the fucking things, ive checked each bud about 40 times....I'm really fucking pissed.

    Ok so here is the question, The buds are not nearly finished and they are still ok, the fuckers didnt really damage the buds too badly and I cleaned the shit out of the few that needed it. Some didnt really get damaged to badly....

    My question is.....all the fucking hairs have turned orange but I know the buds aren't finished They aren't really that dense....since I killed all the worms should I try to let them finish up even though a lot of the hairs have turned dark orange? Orrrr are the buds just going to keep getting worse even though the leaves are all nice and green and the plant looks good.

    All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot and hopefully you can help me out Fdd.

    Ill get some pictures if you guys need them... :peace::peace::peace:

    RASCALONE Well-Known Member

    mine r also turning orangish/red,i think tht they r supposed to turn then new will appear.youll know when the buds r ready i assume.mine do this and new white ones come out and mine r no where near to being finished.im no pro so u might want to see what a few of the vets on here have to say...good lucknsw...rascalone

    MRbudsmoker Well-Known Member

    ain't ya got a 30x magnafier to check the tri's?

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    I dont really need to check the tri's yet as I know they are nowhere near close to being finished....they have only been budding for 3 weeks. I Think the hairs started turning brown because of stress from the budworms...the buds are not really damaged to badly though.

    Whereisdabud Well-Known Member

    usually i get a budworm or 2, but my nugs havent been infested as you describe yours to be so i really wouldnt know, but definately let them go longer and the sooner you catch thos fuckers the better.


    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    Im not kidding when I say this one 3-4 ft plant had about 20 one inch long budworms....it was crazy...On my big plants though I have only found 1 or 2

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    get some Bt. it's caterpillar killer. i'm using it this year. i mist with it once a week. it seems to be working. i see the moths come in every night just after dark. i know they are laying eggs. i found one small caterpillar on top of a bud a few days ago and one that had burrowed in. the burrowed one was dead, i think, so the Bt seems to be working. try to remove any damaged bud. if moisture gets into it before it heals it will turn into bud rot. bud rot is nasty. you don't want that. make sure you get all the feces out of the bud. this holds the moisture where the rot will start.
    keep an eye on the brown haired buds. they seem to be an indicator that you have a caterpillar. sounds like you know that though. also one dead fan leaf in an otherwise healthy bud is a good sign. follow the stem of the fan leaf and it usually leads to a bud worm. i can go 6 months without a problem and then these bastard come in and screw me the last 4 weeks.:evil::evil::evil:

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    Thanks alot man...I was hoping you would come and help me out...Im really surprised I didnt catch these little assholes earlier...they are terrible. I have actually sprayed BT without the greatest results..... I have moths EVERYWHERE here. I turn a light on outside and within minutes theres literally about a hundred moths swarming. Luckily only 3 of my 9 plants are flowering so I can hopefully figure something out before the others are flowering...

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    I dont grow outside but i know of people that grow in greenhouses and they put small frogs and spiders and ladybirds in them to keep bugs to a minimum i know you can order ladybirds specially to kill mites and stuff and apparently if theres enough food for them the majority will stay in your garden and breed,you can collect garden spiders from all over the place and then put them on your plants to help as well,dunno if this info is of any help to you but best of luck with it:blsmoke:

    legalbeagal63 Active Member


    ch438 Member

    same shit happend to a plant in my crop and it was so fucked we had to harvest it early just so no more damgae would be done..those things are little bastards
    Dr Widebody

    Dr Widebody Member

    Where do bud worms come from? I know the easy answer is Hell, but really... would a tent like netting keep them from getting onto plants or do they randomly appear outta nowhere?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    moths. :blsmoke:
    Dr Widebody

    Dr Widebody Member

    those moth..erfuckers....
    Dr. VonDank

    Dr. VonDank Active Member

    They can be a nightmare!!!----You can get "PRAYING MANTISE EGGS" end of FEB till beg of April. Each egg will hatch about 200 PM"S and they love bud worms/caterpillars/gnats/flies/mites and other munchies--100% carnivores and they like to stay and breed within 100 FT of their birth site.

    xxxcmackk Active Member

    i have tried moving spiders into my planting area and they seem to be doing a good job,only seen one or 2 worms around and the spiders have moths caught up everywhere in webs..its a bitch getting caught up in the webs yourself when out taking a peek but hey,,whatever works.
  17. The bud worms only seem to damage just that one little bud part of the nugs as long as you kill the worm the rest of the plant should be fine and bud worms dont travel that far either witch I have seen from personal experience.

    lphaze Member

    I have been growing outdoors for 3 years and this year I found a few worms on some buds. I could not see any damage anywhere to leaves or the buds them selves. The worms are 1/2 to 3/4 inches long with black spots in a banded pattern around the worm. Under a magnifing glass they have hairs coming out of the black spots. I was cusrious so I watched one for awhile with the magnifing glass. The little bugger was not boring into the bud or eating any vegitation; it was selectively eating individual trichomes. Is this what is called a THC worm?

    kack Member

    The worms are the larva of the white cabbage butterfly, not moths. The eggs are layed high on the plant so it will pobably affect you nicest top terminal buds. Before the bud has filled out the worms are easier seen. In the morning after a cool night the worms will appear on the sunny sige of the buds. If you pick them off at this stage damage is minimal. If you ignor the problem until the bud is thick., you wont see them until they have destroyed the bud. To prevent further attacks you can drape the plants with mosquito netting. Keep checking your buds. The eggs hatch at different times. I Just removed 38 worms from 3 plants.

    kack Member

    Ive had entire foot long buds destroyed by finding the problem late. Keep checking while the buds are still forming.

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