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OG Kush #18 - Reserva Privada Smoke/Grow Report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by closed4fishing, Feb 3, 2010.


    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Hi gang!
    It's time for another medical marijuana report from closed4fishing.

    Strain: OG Kush #18 (2 feminized seed)
    Breeder: Reserva Privada
    Grower: closed4fishing
    Grow Info:
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, FF Nutes (Grow, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom). Vegged for 2 wks under 200W T5. Flowered for 65 days under 250W HPS & 250W CFL (red spectrum). Dried for 7 days in 50% humidity then into jars for cure. Only about 3.5 oz between the 2 girls. My veg time was minimal because of height concerns. She ended up about 33 inches. Easy to grow.
    Cure at time of smoke test:
    21 days

    Bag Appeal: A+++
    Even though this will never be in a bag because it's for personal medical use, this stuff is beautiful! It is extremely coated in trichs and very dark green with bright orange hairs.
    I think this stuff has a bit more of the Chemdog smell than the OG Kush smell. A bit fuely smelling but very pleasant and musky too. Very hashy smells when growing.
    This is one strain that is hard to describe on taste. It has a chemy fuely taste with a kush aftertaste. Every once in a while, I'll get a small skunk taste too. It is very nice to smoke and you can take huge rips, but then your lungs will explode.

    Super super stoney. This stuff sets me back and makes me a zombie. If you keep smoking it, don't plan on doing much. In small quantities, it can be a perfect body/mind stone allowing you to function with a slight happy tilt.

    Possible Medical Uses
    Insomnia (in high doses)
    back/neck pain (medium/high doses)
    appetite (any dose)
    Stress relief in small quantities, zombification in large quantities.

    Click on an image for a larger view:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Final Thoughts:
    Very nice strain to grow. Not my favorite in the world, but definitely a nice one to have around. Extremely potent, excellent flavor and nice yields. The guys over at RP made a gem with this one!

    Questions? Just ask and I'll do my best to answer.

    Hope you enjoyed my report. If you could spare a little +rep for a brotha, I'd certainly appreciate it.
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    clasonde Active Member

    awesome smoke report +rep! I wanted to try this strain from RP and now I guess I will! How long was your veg time? what size pots did you use? beautiful plant and harvest; keep up the good work!
    Angry Pollock

    Angry Pollock Well-Known Member

    So then, what is your favorite in the world?

    JN811 Well-Known Member

    nice job man, wanted to try it but they are all sold out :(

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Hi Clasonde. I only vegged for a couple weeks. One was in a 3gal container and one in a 2gal container. The one in the 3gal got a lot bigger than the other one so I'm sure a 5gal container would rock! Peace :bigjoint:

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    My favorite is Super Lemon Haze, followed by Amnesia Lemon and Ultra Skunk. There are others that are better I'm sure but those are the favorites out of what I've grown. Peace! :weed:
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    Fditty00 Well-Known Member

    Awesome job! Got 1 growin right now. Good lookin out:)
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    TokeAment Active Member

    Great work bro! Those buds look A+ Can't wait for DNA to have those ladies back in stock, hopefully by next month from what customer care told me.

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    props dude. that looks great! can't wait till its restocked at seedbanks so i can grab me some.

    Ready2Inhale Well-Known Member

    look like frosted pine cones...good report
    chief greenleaf

    chief greenleaf Member

    Ive heard some rumors that Reserva Privada took OG18 off the market for good, can anybody confirm or is this just more BS???
    Ive read a few times that all of RPs strains are supposed ta be released for a limited time to make em rare and increase the value for the people that have em.
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    Fditty00 Well-Known Member

    ^^^^ you have heard rumors:)

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    This statement of why there is no more OG18 would be quite stupid for a business decision. OG18 did win an award so its ripe for huge seed money. Most likely they are waiting for enough inventory to sell the strain to more then a few. It's not the only Kush strain so.....Appears the growers with the strains aren't big enough to have inventory of say Greenhouse seeds. Smaller runs but be sure it will be back in stock and if not watch out for the an almost as good look alike by the seedbank.

    kyle2562 Member

    nice smoke report:clap:

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Just found 1 last OG #18 female seed I had put aside. I'm going to pop it now because that weed was great and its seems even better when you are out of it! Be sure to look for smoke report v2.0 in about 13 weeks :eyesmoke:
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    jeb5304 Well-Known Member

    I'll be watchin

    closed4fishing Well-Known Member

    Just an fyi that the OG Kush #18 are back in stock right now at the attitude. I just grabbed a couple more packs along with their new headband creation. It's not the real headband but it is the RP OG Kush x Sour Diesel.

    If you've been looking for the OG #18, you better get it quick. They won't last.

    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    Great report, thanks!



    NickNasty Well-Known Member

    I love OG 18 but it makes me paranoid as fuck after I smoke it. I have literally caught myself peaking threw my window after I have smoked it multiple times.
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    Hobbes Well-Known Member


    Thanks Nick, paranoia is something I want to avoid. I ordered some Chocolope instead.



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