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Odorless Electronic Joint

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by camcam269, Mar 18, 2010.


    camcam269 Member

    I've been wanting to do this for a while but since my TA just told me I have to be at every class from now on I finally had the motivation.

    SO... Heres how to get an electronic cigarette to smoke hash oil.


    So grind up all your bud as best as you can and throw it into a cooking pot. Then pour in just enough Propylene Glycol for the bud to float freely. I then put it on the stove's lowest setting and let it sit covered stirring it every once in a while. Let it sit there until the PG stops darkening (i used an ounce of mids and let it sit on there for 3 hours). Once you have let all the THC absorb, shut of the heat and let it cool. Then pour through a cheesecloth and squeeze all the liquid out of it. I then added some Peppermint extract so that if I toke in public it will smell like menthol. Now just pour the liquid into a dropper bottle and use that to put it into the cartridges. You are now ready to toke in public.

    I've been smoking my E-Joint for about 30min now and I am very satisfied and excited to smoke it on campus:bigjoint:


    • Propylene Glycol is whats used in the e-cigarette nicotine mixture
    • Make sure you buy FOOD GRADE not the antifreeze stuff.
    • Google thevaporpro.com coupon codes to save money
    • Im not responsible for Anything that goes wrong if you try this

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    Gixxerboy Well-Known Member

    Wow this is a Verry verry good idea,Im sure you could use other flavors from the grocery store also like lemon ect.Also you could do a butane extraction to get the oil out.Then add to the PB,but that's another step and also the addition of a unwanted chemical.I really like your idea I smoke strickly vapor and this is just what I need a portable stelth vaporizer!What's the taste like?On a side note since the PB is food grade could you start off the day with a couple spoonfuls in your morning beverage?

    nucleardionysus Member

    Camcam, thanks so much for posting this! I've been working on the same thing, and your suggestions are a huge help. Have you made any further progress on this?

    nucleardionysus Member

    Actually, here are a few specific questions --although I'd love to hear anything else you've learned :)

    -How efficient was it in terms of the amount of bud used vs. the high you got? i.e. was it similar to a typical joint?

    -You mentioned you were smoking it for 30 mins... did it take longer to feel the effects than other methods? Or is 30 mins a typical timeframe for you?

    -I read on some site that sells herbal versions of e-cigarettes (I forget the address now, but there wasn't much useful info anyway) that a standard e-cig atomizer wouldn't work with bud since the required temperatures are different; they said the e-cig atomizer operates too hot for thc, and would destroy it in the process. Their atomizer, on the other hand, operated cooler, which made it useful for herbs. I'm guessing that was just some BS they concocted to sell their e-cig. Any thoughts on your end?

    EDIT: It occurs to me that both THC and nicotine withstand the heat of a direct flame from a lighter, I can't imagine atomizers would go any hotter than that... Maybe I'm remembering what they said wrong, and it was actually that one type of atomizer was too cool? Or maybe they were just making it all up lol

    KitchenKhemist Active Member

    Been doin the same thing for a while now...LOVE IT! But you're buying your E-Cig from the wrong spot man! Cheaper here...


    Also...I use VG instead of PG...but same principle.

    nevertried18 Member

    Hey man did you really get high from vaporing it? I love E-cig, it kept me from smoking, but then it broke (FAIL)

    mellokitty Moderatrix of Journals

    oops, forgot to sign my rep, that was me.
    i was gonna get my man an ego for his bday, but SCREW HIM, i'm getting one for *ME (and i gave up ciggies 3 yrs ago) ...;)

    Mcrizzle666 Member

    dude i did this you dont want to do a butain extraction because bho has a higher vape temp this is the only way that fully works but BHO and QWISO are the hash oils but they have a higher vape temp but BHO is the most potent shit you can get expecailly if you get if from a dispensary hash is pretty far up there but BHO is the bomb idk why i said all of that but yeah just do it this way

    Mcrizzle666 Member

    yeah if you have a medicard and only in california so people like me n NM are fucked cause we cant get one plus ive heard the vape isnt that good from my cusion n cali n im not gonna pay over 100$ for it when i can make my own or just make BHO n use my HGS Hand Vape

    TrichomeTrent Active Member

    <~Interested. Could you elaborate a little on this? :)

    andygries Member

    They won't share what they use.... because medical patients really don't need to know what they're putting in their body :roll:

    jkahndb0 Well-Known Member

    i checked out that omicron vaporizer its cool ...
    "the very first pre-filled cartridge style vaporizer.
    Each Cartridge is the equivalent of 4.5 grams of cannabis.
    Medicate without issues, and reduce the cost of your medication.
    Cost of initial system $129, includes one Cartridge.
    Each additional Cartridge starts at $30"
    i would think the hash oil would cause problems is something like an atomizer.... well c...

    Katatawnic Well-Known Member

    To the OP... propylene glycol and ethanol glycol are pretty easy to distinguish. Who in the world would even think of using ethanol glycol (main ingredient in antifreeze) to inhale? :lol:

    I have yet to hear of anything put into a PV (personal vaporizer, A.K.A. electronic cigarette) that is based on anything but PG, VG, or alcohol. What base are they using? Plain water won't work for PV atomizers.

    Nope, we sure don't! :lol:
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    Katatawnic Well-Known Member

    Careful with those advertisements. ;) PV cartridges with nicotine liquids constantly claim things such as one cartridge is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, which couldn't be further from the truth. I've been making MMJ tincture for my PV since last August, and though it does work quite well, I can't see any way at this time to get 4.5 grams worth of pot into a tiny little cartridge without it gumming up the atomizer after one hit. Even at 1 gram per ml of PG/VG (which is a lot more than one little Joye 510 cartridge will hold; an eGo or Riva "mega XXL" cartridge barely holds 1 ml; the Joye 510 used in the OP holds ~10 drops) gums up the atty in a very short time, requiring the atty to be thoroughly cleaned in order to be able to continue using it. Let's face it, resin is awfully sticky... and attys don't get along with oily or sticky.

    Hash extract does work with PVs, but you do need to clean out your atty at least daily... I most often switch to a clean atty after vaping a MMJ tincture at least halfway through the day. Dirty or gummed up attys produce little to no vapor, and what is produced from them tastes horrid.

    grizlbr Active Member

    No one is responsible: this is the internet: anyone one can say anything: imho: mixing valium and grapefruit is a bad idea!

    Katatawnic Well-Known Member

    What's that got to do with the price of tea in China? :lol:

    jkahndb0 Well-Known Member

    i think you know damn well what that has to do with the price of tea in china...
    its a whole hellova lot...
    No seriously he was just making the point that anyone can say anything that they want, forums are an outlet of free expression of collective thought, blah blah blah , bullshit...
    all that aside ppl really shouldn't be advertising its safe to use EG for Vaporizing liquid even if they've been using it for who cares how long... thats like saying ive been smoking cigarettes for 50 years and i don't have cancer so there's no way they can be dangerous so im gonna walk around town offering them to lil kids b/c i wanna see them smile...:weed:bongsmilie:sleep:

    Katatawnic Well-Known Member

    Who has claimed it is safe to use ethanol glycol (EG) for vaporizing? It is propylene glycol (PG) that is used... you know, the same stuff that is used in asthma inhalers. ;) No one is claiming that PG is "safe" to inhale, either. Then again, I'm not offering anything to little kids. :mrgreen:

    TrichomeTrent Active Member

    Very interesting thread. Will have to look into this for future use :)

    Katatawnic Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to check it out, but your site is VERY slow, and pages don't want to load... worse than back in the day of dial-up internet connections! :( You might want to check the reliability of your server, and switch if necessary. :)


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