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Odor Control!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by ChronicGrow, Jul 20, 2013.


    ChronicGrow Member

    I have looked everywhere. Everywhere i looked they are charging $125 just for the inline fan. I need a 6 inch inline and carbon filter that is a reasonable price. Anyone can help me? Also the fan doesnt have to be an inline just one that can move air with the filter

    spitsbuds Active Member

    they do some cheap kit called euro filters, with a cheps inline and some dogy cf, get you a link, but odor control, i lways go for the best and tested, if you need to if you get my drift, i use rhino pro and phat filtters, also if growing a sinky girl, like say urrgh one we all know, white/black widow. i pick up some extra help and geta few ONA gels or blocks as you get that whiff that breezes through everything with some strains regardless of the cf

    GoLdD Well-Known Member

    $125 IS a very reasonable price for a 6 inch inline fan with a carbon filter.

    lamopa Active Member

    What is your set-up? What are you venting into. I simply run my duct fan into a dryer lint trap that is chock full of activated carbon. I change the carbon about once a month, never had odor problems. Of course my grow tent is small and contained, and I only grow 6 plants.

    Here's what I use, I fill the trap with carbon as I mentioned:


    tags420 Well-Known Member


    ChronicGrow Member

    Im thinking about just getting a fan and making a DIY filter

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