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Odor control: How well does ONA gel work??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by JN811, Nov 11, 2009.


    JN811 Well-Known Member

    So I have like 8 plants, 4 of which are Ice and already making my room stinks bad after only 2 weeks!!! I need to know how well this stuff works and if it will completely mask the smell! And btw I know all about carbon filters I just can't afford to buy one right now, unless someone knows where I can get a good one for like $60. Also, are their any good alternatives other than building a carbon filter myself?? Thanks!:leaf:
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    It works. I put it in the room the grow area is in, right outside that room, and near where anyone entering the house would come in. If you have someone you trust with a good nose, let them judge its effectiveness for you.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    this will be the second time that i recomended this thread today, but it looks so awesome to me not to share the love..
    check out roseman's diy odor control bucket thread.. he uses the ona and a bucket that he drills holes in ... fills the bucket with the ona and i think kitty litter, and puts a fan on the top of the bucket with the holes in it and it sucks in the dirty smelly air and blows it thru the ona and out the holes and comes out smelling clean and fresh.... looks like it would work great..
    and it looks fairly cheap... just need the ona and a bucket and a fan... check it out for yourself.. i think this is the best use for ona that i have seen.
    good luck with your grow

    newb101 New Member

    its great shit!

    JN811 Well-Known Member

    ya i read it already, I just want to know if I have people over will they be able to notice the smell still when my bedroom door is open

    theycallmeoj Active Member

    I cant smell much of anything around my place and neither can anyone else. Ona gel works. I have a few sitting around this place.

    Stroker Well-Known Member


    mjr99 Well-Known Member

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