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ObamaCare, where's the money coming from?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by beenthere, Jul 1, 2012.


    beenthere New Member

    Government healthcare is technology? LMAO what else did you have in that blunt?

    RyanTheRhino Well-Known Member

    Its not technology Its bureaucracy. They never give a firm answer because shit is so political. They end up doing what sounds best but not what is best, even at the city lvl. They always do what the civic leagues wants who don't know shit and just want nice things. They end up building parks instead roads and utilities, now scale this up to federal level and there is so much BS decisions.

    tomahawk2406 Well-Known Member

    hell i don't know. ups and fed ex just always seemed more "hip" to me. shit i remember seeing fedex on the side of vans in the first home alone, i was like 6. they seemed to advertise better, to me at least. they just did it better lol. i got no facts for that one. they were always cooler than the usps lol

    tomahawk2406 Well-Known Member

    see I'm just not sold on that theory. i won't deny that it never happened. i just don't think that gave them the top spot

    tomahawk2406 Well-Known Member

    could be the fact that they literally send nothing but bullshit junk fucking mail and don't charge nearly whats its weight is. fedex, ups.......they ship stuff they get PAID for.

    ginwilly Well-Known Member

    USPS is different than most government run programs. It's a constitutional service so that makes it unique and they have operated in the black for the most part. The post master general has laid out plans to compete with the changing market needs by changing the stand-alone buildings of the past to renting spots in strip malls and walmart type places and no Saturday delivery. Our leadership said nah, keep doing what you are doing only stop losing money.
    Canna Sylvan

    Canna Sylvan Well-Known Member

    Tell that to Lysander Spooner. The government said his Post Office service was unconstitutional because his would've put the government's out of business with cheaper rates and faster service nation wide.

    Red1966 Well-Known Member

    After paying the penalty, you still do not have any insurance. You still have to buy it, or fore go seeing a doctor or use emergency rooms. Everybody seems to think paying the penalty insures one, it doesn't.

    Red1966 Well-Known Member

    The Constitution actually gave Congress the authority to establish post offices. That's part of the reason they're losing money, they have at least one post office in every little town. They have to open an office if Congress tells them to. Their expense for retirees is another huge expense. Union contracts make it nearly impossible to lay off people when they need to, they rely on attrition to reduce payroll, a very slow process.

    londonfog Well-Known Member

    The post office is having problems due to what Congress did in 2006. That Congress made USPS prefund retiree health benefits by paying roughly $5.5 billion every year for 10 years, an obligation no other private or public organization has to do. H.R. 6407 (109th): Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act forces this. That's about 75 years of payments done in 10 years WTF....and you know who ran congress in 2006. Your Repukes and this bill was sponsored by Republican Thomas Davis from Virginia..They have put in 37 billion thus far because of this, so that's 37 billion in the black they would be if not force to do something no other organization has to do.

    beenthere New Member

    You're so disingenuous London, does it really matter who ran congress in 2006, every single democrat in the senate voted to pass this bill and two democrats co-sponsored it.

    According to Govtrack.us the law in question, H.R. 6407 the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act passed the House by a voice vote and unanimous consent in the Senate. Now not only did the GOP not have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, all 44 Democrats and the lone independent in the Senate consented to the bill:

    Votes: Dec 8, 2006: This bill passed in the House of Representatives by voice vote. A record of each representative’s position was not kept.
    Dec 9, 2006: This bill passed in the Senate by Unanimous Consent. A record of each senator’s position was not kept.
    Additionally, two of the three cosponsors for this bill were Democrats and you just don’t get more “liberal” than Henry Waxman (D-CA):

    Danny Davis [D-IL7]
    John McHugh [R-NY23]
    Henry Waxman [D-CA30]

    londonfog Well-Known Member

    Actully you are right. I ddin't check to see who and how they voted due it being a non-recorded vote... They assholes too..Thank you

    grizlbr Active Member

    It is not a handout it is tax code. Just like Write STIMULUS across 1040 get $500. Or was it just VOTE BUYING?

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