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Nutrients for flowering

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by valuablevariable, Sep 23, 2007.


    valuablevariable Well-Known Member

    What kind of nutes do i need for flowering in soil. All i know is that the first number, nitrogen, should be low and the second, phosphorus, high.
    I dont need brand names because im probably not in the same area as you are.
    Also, would bat guano be a good/better alternative?

    tech209 Well-Known Member

    for nutes im using the genral hydroponics 3 part and so far so good

    2BLITZED4U Well-Known Member

    i use a 10-54-10 sholts hi flower yield in my flower stage and my buds are real dence and fat and yes bat shit is a good alt it is very hi in phos and also has iron and other nuets required for ur plants

    UnEmploymentDude Well-Known Member

    To flower, Lot-ish N And high PK

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