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Nutrient problem? (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by MrNiceCream, Aug 22, 2007.


    MrNiceCream Active Member

    Hey everyone! thanks for the advice with my other plant, things are going well with it! I'm a little worried about anothre one however.. This one is a different strain than all the others, its much taller and less bushy, and the fan leaves have very narrow fingers vs really broad ones on the other plants.

    The lowest 2 sets of fan leaves have some brown spots and are browning at the edges of the leaves as well. The bottom pair of leaves are the the worst, and the set above aren't quite as bad. The brown parts aren't crispy, and they don't flake off in my fingers when I rub it, but its not quite as supple as the rest of the leaves. I checked my pH and its around 6.9 or 7. I've not fed the plants any nutes or anything since I transplanted them from a seed tray into some bigger pots with some potting soil which was about a month or two ago because I didn't know what I was doing and didn't want to nute burn them or anything. Anyway, here are 3 pictures.. 1 of the bottom set of leaves, 1 of the next set up, and one of the whole plant.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Bottom set of fan leaves:

    2nd from bottom set of fan leaves:


    Thanks again,
    Mr. NiceCream

    bigballin007 New Member

    It almost looks like over watering to me. But I do know that sometimes when I touch my leaves with bare hands my leaves begin to die and that might be your case here as well. Something with the oils on our hands that they just do not like.
    But it really looks like a bit of over watering.

    ladodgers42012 Active Member

    how was fixed? what did you do. i tried clipping the dark leaves off which was all of them. they grew back fast and were a very nice green. but i am noticing the spots on one of them again. what was your problem. it looks very similar.


    MagusALL Well-Known Member

    maybe a pH problem. maybe underwatering. generally when it starts at the bottom its a problem starting in the roots. so nutrient lock, salt buildup, pH is off, under/overwatering. but ive never had this problem so i pass it on to the "experts."

    ladodgers42012 Active Member

    i dig. what is a good nutrient or something i could get a regular garden store. like target or k mart. or something with a garden center. we dont have any green thumbs or nurserys around here. what would you suggest

    OverGrowTheWorld Well-Known Member

    i suggest general hydroponics n all u will need is a 2 part solution one for veg and one for flowering and it works excellent, n if u get serious u can get into there bigbloom formula's for massive buds n shit
    jay cas

    jay cas Well-Known Member

    if you are worried about salt build up, i found that bush master works great. you can find it at a bordines or franks nursery. if your only limited to those stores, ask someone there if they have any salt disolving solutions. if they ask for what just say your feeding rose bushes. i agree with them though, most likly over/under watering. try to stay away from mirical grow. fox farm may be more expensive but is well worth it. if its in your means get all the fox farm product you can get, its litterally weed steraroids

    ladodgers42012 Active Member

    what is it called. (brand) possibly. where can i get it?
    any ideas or tips would help
    jay cas

    jay cas Well-Known Member

    il have to tell you 2maro, dont have it handy. i promise to get it to you then. my appologies.

    Gygax1974 Just some idiot

    flush with straight water or look for a salt leaching product like Clearex by Botanicare.

    Botanicare : Product Overview : Nutrients
    jay cas

    jay cas Well-Known Member

    what stage are your plants in ladodger?? have you been using nutes? if not, you dont have to worry about salt build up. the nutes i use are all fox farm (tiger bloom, big bloom, ect.) they come in 2 packs of three, one pack for veggitative grow and the other for blooming. they also come with a feeding scedule which is very helpfull. i use bush master after every 4th feeding to insure no salt buildup. from those pics, i want to say thats not the problem though. looks more like over watering, maybe even mold dammage. do you regulate your humidity? gygax hit it right on, thats exactly what i use

    GNOME GROWN Well-Known Member

    yah man i would flush them..it should help..just dont water for a day or 2 b4 u flush...and wait about 3 days to water after u flush!
    The Garden Shed

    The Garden Shed Well-Known Member

    If you haven’t been feeding them nutes since the transplant you have flushed them already. It appears to be ... rather it is my guess, that you have a calcium or magnesium deficiency. Both Botanicare, and Advanced Nutrients carry a Cal-Mag product. Cheaper ones are sure to be found. Add this to your base formula and all will be well.

    Mahstakilla Active Member

    oh fuck! that shit is fucked up man, what is your medium?

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