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Nutes for DWC...what do you use?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by rsupload, May 6, 2007.


    rsupload Well-Known Member

    Title says it all...if you do DWC, what nutes do you use?

    northerntights Well-Known Member

    any hydro nutrients will work, organics maybe less so since they can settle out if not constantly circulated, but they will work if you agitate your res enough. General Hydroponics 3-part is great, I don't like the single part nutrients, they growth was never as good. If you want an organic go with Botanicare line of products or Fox Farm, which is semi-organic.

    spacemanps Active Member

    go advanced nutrients!!

    th3bigbad Well-Known Member

    im useing and loveing GH 3 parter,, mix in a lil cal/mag and your cookin. altho im useing just 2 parts of the 3. i ditched the grow and just use micro and bloom and everything seems to be working just fine.

    spacemanps Active Member

    go ultimate top notch.... A.N. is the way... I dont know why so many people use General Hydro nutes or Botanicare, when Advanced is around, and is only maybe 10 bucks more..

    Some say that there is a down fall to using A.N. because there are so many things you need to fill the schedule, but you can pick and choose which ones you use. You can use the 3 part

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Well, maybe it's because AN nutes cost 8 times as much to buy, and don't work any better.

    But they DO have great hype! :mrgreen:

    FreePhx Well-Known Member

    Fox Farm - full set (except Beastie Bloomz)
    running at 1/3 strength in veg - building up to 1/2 strength before flower -
    1/2 strength at start of flower - and just a smidge more then 1/2 at end.

    spacemanps Active Member

    AN nutes are not 8 times more.. i just looked up general hydro nutes they r 8.50 a qt, for each of the 3 bottles (grow bloom micro), and AN on the other hand, 9.00 for each of the 3 bottles... and the AN has a lot more to add to a grow then General or botanicare. And esp if you use tarantula and piranha, right there you have a good combo.. and so worth the extra maybe 10 bucks..

    ag0lden0ne Active Member

    Hey I use the Lucas Formula its 0-5-10, G-M-B with the General Hydroponics. the Plants seem to really like it. I started at 1/3 stregenth and now worked my was up almost to full stregenth in my 4th week of vegging.

    rsupload Well-Known Member

    Great info! Thank you!

    AstronomyDomine Active Member

    I use BC grow line, works great from what I can see. of course its the only thing I've used.

    medicineman New Member

    I use BC nutes- the 3 part, Grow for veg, bloom for flower and boost for both, fantastic growth rate. you can almost see them growing. I guarantee, if you dont look at them for one day, the next day you can see the growth

    bubblerking Well-Known Member

    I use dyna grow mag pro and love it

    zestay Active Member

    quoted for truth
    and mine i see a full set of leaves almost every day under cfls

    reeffermadness Well-Known Member

    GH 3 part has been working for me

    ag0lden0ne Active Member

    yea i lied, well i changed my formula. I went with the GH formula. I was getting lock outs and i added Grow and the kids exploded, WHICH by the way turned out to be ALLLLLL females. 3 NLxBB and a 3 Snow White and a whole mess of clones in a mixed Batch. Every time i cut her back she grows back HUGE.

    El3mentz Active Member

    IONIC BLOOM and SENSI CAL BLOOM mg/cal mix ;]

    MR2 Active Member

    Im gunna use Dyna-gro formula should I mix the grow and bloom right away or use the grow for veg and bloom once I start to flower?

    Gygax1974 Just some idiot

    I can vouch for Botanicare I use their pro series which just happens to be on sale here
    SH Hydroponics > Hydro Organic Fertilizers
    the whole package for 60 bucks...not too bad...it even comes with cal/mag which I really like.

    olds442 Well-Known Member

    iv used GH for my first growing in DWC setup and it works really good but now im using AN for the first time so i will see how close they are in the grow aspect but for the coast the AN is cheaper then the GH well at lest thats at the hydro store where i go but i going to try the AN connaisur two part with the three part they says that in labs they got a 60% bigger yeld but we will see what happens i will be happy with a 25% bigger yeld

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