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Nute/Food for Flowering

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by SmokyMcPotHead, Oct 18, 2008.


    SmokyMcPotHead Active Member

    I've been using Miracle-Gro Household Plant Food for my first M.J. grow, it seems to have worked fine throughout the vegitive phase but i'm not sure if it's ok for Flowering. It's 8-7-6 is this ok? Or should I get something else as fast as I can? Also, the soil I use is Miracle-Gro 3 months of plant food in it already, am I ok? Also, is it even ok for Veg? I mean it worked but I want better stuff for next time like Fox Farm or something. Thanks. ~ JRock.

    Microracer87 Well-Known Member

    I'd get some foxfarm and ditch the mg

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    For flower you need a higher P 1st (NPK) , then K and lowest N.. I used 10-52-10 this year but I wanted a 10-25-20 (sold out).. anything with that sort of ratio is OK...
    The thing with MG pre nuted or moisture control is that you can't control problems.. It's easy to go up a bitch to come down from over water/nute... IMO.

    docd187 Well-Known Member

    you could use mg but most people prefer to use other nutes such as fox farm, general hydroponics, advanced nuterients, etc. my prob with the mg soil that feeds for three months is that when i used it and followed the directions for my nutes, i ended up with some serious nute burn cuz i forgot to take into account the nutes already in the soil. just be careful with how strong you mix your nutes.

    dannyking Well-Known Member

    get some advanced nutrients man. im using the sensi grow at the moment and getting fantastic results. sensi bloom next week, cant wait to see my outcome.

    SmokyMcPotHead Active Member

    Thanks guys, do you know where I can find some of that stuff in like a store? 'Cause I can't get it from the internet, I need to to pay cash and I want to get some shit like A.S.A.P.!!!! Fox Farm Big Bloom, Fox Farm Tiger Bloom, or Fox Farm Beastie Bloomz, for the rest of my Flower. Any one know where to buy some from a store(Home Depot/Lowes/ect....) Thanks dudes. ~ JRock.

    P.S. I think I saw some Jack Classic 20-20-20 and Jack's Classic Blossom Booster 10-30-20 at this place by my house are either of these good for Flowering and Vegging? Thanks dudes, Peace.

    docd187 Well-Known Member

    if you got a local hydro store you can go there or possibly a nursery. if not get a prepaid visa gift card, pay for that with cash and then order the nutes.

    SmokyMcPotHead Active Member

    True that, I didn't even think about those pre-paid Visa cards, thats a good ass idea. I can use one of those to get the nutes and some seeds from Attitude. Good lookin' out Bro...But does anyone know anything about the Jack's Classic Blossom Booster? 'Cause I can get that shit tomarrow before I even water my girl and she's already in Flower, has been for 2 weeks 5 days now, so I want to get what she needs as fast as possible so all of those beautiful little white hairs that she has started growing all over her body now she keeps growing, so then she will start producing as many diggitydank buds as possible!!!! So, the Jack's Classic Blossom Booster is 10-30-20 is anything in this range good for flower? Or like 15-30-30? Thanks. ~ JRock.

    SpruceZeus Well-Known Member

    10-30-20 is a good npk value for flowering, now i've never heard of jacks before so i couldnt tell you if its got the micro nutrients you need etc. but the numbers are good.

    SmokyMcPotHead Active Member

    Cool man, thanks. ~ JRock.

    NyteMajesty(420) Active Member

    ok i was thinking about gettin some Hesi products for nutes and all that good stuff. will this work or should i reconsider?

    bazoomer Well-Known Member

    i use hesi from start to finish.. they do the full bollocks pack 2 !!!.

    got mine fron here = Plant Nutrition

    SmokyMcPotHead Active Member

    All they had at the store by my house was some Miracle-Grow Bloom Booster powder 15-30-15, they had some other shit that was like 10-10-10 or 13-13-13 but they weren't name brand and they looked all ghetto so I asked 2 of the people that worked there and they both said they use the M.G.-B.B. 15-30-15 and it works good for them in Flower but they weren't talkin' about MaryJane tho...i don't think. But anyways, i'm 3 weeks TODAY into Flower and like the last couple of days some of my bottom leafs and a couple of "fan" leafs higher up are sort of wilting and/or getting little brown spots. Is this normal? It doesn't seem normal. Or could it be b/c of over/not enough watering or not enough/too much nutes? I have been watering everyday the whole grow, but I started with 4 plants and the 1 Female thats left is in a cooler I made into a pot(and I put 5 holes in the bottom of the cooler to drain excess water) and the cooler had 2 plants in it until Flower, then 1 was a Male so I cut him out and now shes got the cooler to herself. So when I was watering them everyday I was sustaining 2 plants everyday, now I think it might be too much water for 1, I don't use the same amount of water that I use to of course but I want to be sure i'm not over watering her anyway. And the nutes I have been using the whole grow were the Miracle-Grow House Hold Plant Food 8-6-7 or 8-7-6, 1 of the 2, and I know now that that sucks, so I have the M.G. Bloom Booster 15-30-15, and I want to use it today but I don't know what to do b/c of the wilting/browning. I watered her yesterday and I also bought this gauge thing when I got the M.G.-B.B. and it tells you how much light your plant is getting, it tells you how moist the soil is down where the roots are(it has 2 long metal rods that go deep into the soil), and it also tells you the soil's Ph. And on the back of the box it came in it has all these different plants and what number on the gauge the Moister and Light should be at for those plants. Ofcourse there is no Marijuana on the list, does anyone know a plant that M.J. is most like and needs the same conditions to live? So I can try and match it up on the list they gave me. Oh, and the gauge says that my moister today is only 3 or 4 out of 10 and my Ph is between 7 and 8 is this okay? What should my Ph I be at? And if my Ph is too high/low, how do I lower/raise it? And, if my wilting/browning problem is not b/c of OVER watering or OVER nuting can I give her the good nutes this morning(15-30-15)? I haven't watered her today yet 'cause I don't want to hurt her anymore if there is a problem with watering but I want her to have what she needs to bloom as much as possible as soon as possible. Also, about how long from the start of Flowering until you start getting big buds(She's from a seed I got out of a bag of Middys from my boy) my girl has beautiful white hairs all over her now in all these little bunches and they look like little white buds of hairs, beautiful!!!! And like 3 of the spots have little nugs forming, but I can't wait to see actual big nugs, so how long until the big ones, and then how long from Flower to Harvest? Thanks a lot guys...I really need some help bad with this 1 I want my first grow to work, i've gotten this far so I will not fail now!!!! ~ JRock.

    P.S. I'm going to open another Thread b/c I need an answer as fast as possible so I can start helping my baby, so it's not b/c I don't trust you guys or don't like your answers, it's just b/c I want to get this question out there to get an answer A.S.A.P.!!!! Thanks dudes, PeAcE.

    hugetom80s Well-Known Member

    That's good advice right there. MG is crap, I don't even feed it to plants I don't like.

    Get some Big Bud too, that stuff is fantastic.

    1sly1 Active Member

    I use Jacks .Ive never tried anything else. It does a pretty good job but like i said i haven't tried anything else except for blackstrap molasses.I'm going to look for some other stuff trying to find a hydro store that carries more of a selection.But jacks is better than nothing.Give it a try good luck with your grow.

    hugetom80s Well-Known Member

    In much the same way that eating out of a dumpster is better than starving. And if all you've ever eaten was food from a dumpster, you wouldn't really know what you were missing, right?

    But I'd still rather have a juicy steak. Damn, now I'm hungry.

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