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Nothern Lights xx Big Budd Auto grow last minute questions

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by T.Huxley, Jan 3, 2013.


    T.Huxley Active Member

    Starting my tent grow with a 400W hypoteck ballast with 3 NL xx BB auto seeds...A few questions while I germinate

    1.I am using a 400W metal halide for vegetation and HPS bulb for flowering...How far should I keep the light from the seedlings? (in the tent )

    2. the 400W ballast is able to dim the bulb down to 50% and can go up to super bright..For seedlings, should I just leave at 100%?

    3. I understand that autos take about 60 days..When should I switch bulbs to engage flowering? (switch from the MH to the HPS)

    4. I am using fox farm ocean forest in 5Gallon buckets, with a softball sized handful of happy frog on top for the first few weeks to avoid burns...When should I start to nute?

    Thank you very much.. Rep+ for anyone who can answer all my questions

    i420lad Member


    NugHunter Active Member

    1..keep the light atleast 2 feet from the top of the seedlings..atleast....2..i would def dim it for atleast the first week of it out of the ground ..3..as far as when to switch the light cycle..from what i have read dont go into ":flower stage" as soon as you see the first signs of pistils.. its better to wait until the "growth boost" you will see around 30-40 days has ended then go to 12/12 and bloom nutes ....4..i wouldnt start nutes for atleast 14 days. just my opinoins ;)

    T.Huxley Active Member

    thanks, repped both of you. Anybody else? and from what I understand, I don't do 12/12 on autos...is that right/wrong? and i've heard since I'm using the ocean forest and a handfull of happy frog, that i should wait longer cause its a spicy soil..anybody else?

    iiKode Well-Known Member

    never 12/12 forautos, some people dont have a clue what they are talking about, about 30 days in get that hps on the plant, as they will only be starting flowering at around 21 - 30 days.

    T.Huxley Active Member

    Thanks alot for the confirmation. Repped. Anybody have some feedback on when I should start nuteing if I am using fox farm ocean forest, with a softball sized hole filled with happy frog for the seedlings?..

    PutItInTheBowl Active Member

    Hey man first off don't go by the 60 day breeder suggested time. I have a nlxbb auto goin right now too she is about 2 days old above soil in ffof soil under a 400 mh... To your questions.. Your light should be fine at 100% about 18 -24 inches away..with an autoflower there isn't a need to swap your lights to 12/12 it's an "auto"flower :) but you will want to swap to the hps about week 5/6 as well. Veg nutes start at about week 3 ish I usually start when there are at least 2 nodes on the plant. Continue nutes until prolly week 5-6 then go flower/bloom nutes all nutes at 1/4 strength to start.

    T.Huxley Active Member

    Thanks alot man...So tell me, am I good just to put the seedlings in straight Ocean Forest?

    PutItInTheBowl Active Member

    Ya I put mine in a paper towel to germ for a day before I put it in so I had a small taproot.. I've not had a problem with burning seedlings with ffof.. Your idea of the softball sized happy frog may work fine I'm just not sure about it

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