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Not sure which deficiency it is...Please HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by ~CReePeR~, Jul 4, 2013.


    ~CReePeR~ Active Member

    Autoberry @25 days
    300w LEDs 1x 5gal DWC, ph 6.0 1200 ppm 24/0 lights 78-81F 38-45 humidity
    Some of the leaves have darker veins. I'm Using General Hydroponics Flora Series. I added nutes at day 21 and it is now day 25
    And a few tips started to curl down
    IMAG1009.jpg IMAG1004.jpg IMAG1008.jpg
    In between the Veins is getting lighter in color (Im color blind so I cant tell which deficiency it could be)

    hexthat Well-Known Member

    my guess would be pH is causing issues try the pH at 5.5-5.7
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    HotShot7414 Well-Known Member

    what hex said,no higher than 5.8 and no lower than 5.3.
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    ~CReePeR~ Active Member

    OK I did readjust it! Fingers Crossed
    Thank you for the help

    ~CReePeR~ Active Member

    Some of the leaves have necrosis on the tips and edges now

    HotShot7414 Well-Known Member

    lower your ppm it should be about 700-900 at this stage.And your ph 5.4-5.7,yor ppm shouldnt be that high until you induce flowering.

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