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Not spidermites, I think, but Lice?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Sideburnt, Nov 2, 2009.


    Sideburnt Member

    I thought these were spider mites, since I had no kind of magnifier.

    However under a X30 I can see that they don't look much like Spider Mites. More like small white bags with two tiny hairs and two little black dots near the head..

    Actually it looks like most of them are dead, and thats what I noticed first. Lots of brown bits on the lower tiny buds and leaves since it looks like they turn brown/red when they snuff it.

    They don't seem to have climbed higher than the 1st 1/4 of my plant and so havn't really touched my primary buds. I have 2 weeks left until harvest so I'm wondering what to do. treat or leave.

    I've sprayed the lower 1/3 of the plants with organic pesticide for fruit, to hopefully stop the spread

    The photo is the best I could take, and they are super tiny. maybe not even 0.5mm long.

    I've had a good old google and search on rollitup, and I think they look a bit like this.

    or possibly immature aphids like the picture on the far right of this link (the white bugger in the middle)

    I'll try and take better photos later and add to the thread, but any kind of advice and help identifying these would be great

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    swad Active Member

    Hard to tell in the picture but it looks like Thrips. Nasty little shits. Do you have black spots under your fan leaves? And white/light yellow spotting on the fans?

    If so, the black dots are there shit and the white ones are the places they cut opened and sucked all the goods out from.

    They tend to stay on the underside of fans but will go onto the buds.

    There are some threads if you search "Thrips".

    Good luck. Hope you got them good!!!


    Leothwyn Well-Known Member

    Sure sounds like mites to me. Especially the part about the two black spots.
    Here are 'two spotted mites', or 'spider mites':


    Sideburnt Member

    is it okay to spray the smaller buds? will this effect the tricomes? if its okay i'll give the plant a good spray over

    Sideburnt Member

    I've taken some more photos, pretty tricky through a magnifying lens.

    And I must say these things are tiny, pin head tiny. That small bunch of leaves are only 1cm in length.

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    Sideburnt Member

    Can anyone confirm what these things are?

    Found some in my water tray, I suspect they arrived that way.

    terrorizer805 Well-Known Member

    That sucks man, I actually noticed that some of my leafs had white dots or spots on them due to mites or thrips not sure exactly what pest it is but I'm going to try anything in my power to kill those little fuckers. they're most likely spider mites either way get some lady bugs, neem oil, and hot shot strips that's what i'm going to do and hopefully it works it should though good luck man.

    Leothwyn Well-Known Member

    They still look like mites to me.
    I don't think spraying is going to effect trichomes, but you'll want to do everything that you can ASAP. As buds get bigger spraying is not good - you don't want to be leaving toxic residue on your buds (if you use any harsh poison) , and you don't want to encourage mold by spraying them as you get further along.

    Whatever you use, stick with it and be really consistent. I completely got rid of my mites back when I had them by just spraying with neem. I did it every 3 days (don't go 4 or 5 days between), repeated 5 times (a 15 day treatment plan); and I was very thorough in my spraying (tops/bottoms of leaves, stems, etc.). After a couple of sprays, you may be tempted to think you've taken care of them... don't believe it. Keep going. Neem won't kill eggs, and you need to keep spraying for a while to get any new hatchlings.

    olishell Active Member

    You have spider mites friend.

    Sideburnt Member

    Thanks for the double positive ID. Im a bit gutted, I've been really careful about keeping things clean. I suspect that when I started to use Molassas, the environment became even more favourable.

    Neem Oil is in the post, and I'll spray again with pesticide in another couple of days

    One last dense question, will spider mites effect the buds when smoked because I suspect there'll be some corpses still knocking around once I harvest,

    Also if keep the war up and harvest in 2 weeks, but there are still some eggs or possible live'un still on my buds will they continue to eat while I'm curing?. or will they generally die once the plant starts to dry up.

    Thanks in advance you've all been really helpful.

    Leothwyn Well-Known Member

    They'll die with the plant. If you're close to harvest, I'd probably not do neem or any toxic stuff (just my personal preference - to avoid mold and toxicity). Instead, I'd spray with a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water (50/50). It evaporates immediately, and kills them on contact. Do it every day, or every other day.
    I really don't see how molasses would encourage mites - look for another explanation IMO.
    jeff f

    jeff f New Member

    smoking bug carcass wont hurt you. smokin poisen that kills bugs will hurt you. they make non-toxic stuff for fruit and veggies and the iso alcolhol is probably a good idea. bugs suck. make sure you toss everything after harvest and give a good cleaning with bleach before you start another crop or you wont ever get rid of them. nasty bastards. good luck.

    Leothwyn Well-Known Member

    When you start your next run, I'd recommend hanging a couple of hotshot no-pest strips in your room for the first couple of weeks. And, while they're hanging try to keep your ventilation minimal (and don't spend too much time in the room to be safe).
    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Well-Known Member

    Just add some Selsun Blue to your rez and you'll be fine.

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