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Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto + 4 mixed buddha seeds autos.

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by HamSaze330, Jun 28, 2013.


    HamSaze330 Active Member

    So my seeds finally arrived from OSSC, well not finally it took a week and a day, so this is the start of my grow journal.
    I got a 10 seed mix from Buddha seeds and 2 free nothern lights x big bud autos, I am germing one NLxBB and 4 of the mixed seeds.
    I put them in my cloner/seed starter and after they pop out of the cubes they will be going into 3 gallon pots of FFOF.
    I also have they FF nutrients 3 pack.
    I will be vegging under t5s and then moving them under my HPS.

    I also bought some Tiesias mist I intend to use on one of the plants once I find one thst is growing ideally.
    Wish me luck.

    renkar Active Member

    sound like a good plan :) gl

    Mattywanna Member

    Growing two Dinafem seeds myself. Best of luck!

    HamSaze330 Active Member

    Bought this thing at a garage sale for 11$.

    All 5 of the seeds have cracked the NLxBB is moving the slowest.
    My girlfriend says that one is hers so she will be taking care of it on her own.

    HamSaze330 Active Member

    My cat got in the tent and knocked over 2 of the pots and killed two of the sprouts but here's a pic of the other 3 that are still alive. I threw another seed in a paper towel to take the place.

    One of these will be the solo cup autoflower.

    tekdc911 Well-Known Member

    my chinchilla's raid my cab when im not looking sometimes
    which ones made it or do you know ?

    HamSaze330 Active Member

    None of the seeds were marked unfortunately, they came in a tube that simply said budha seeds mix.
    It does say I have he 4 best sellers and some strains by are currently working on.

    autodawg New Member

    Wish you the best. Have had shit beans from Buddha. Couldn't believe they even sent them...
    Please Post progress!

    HamSaze330 Active Member

    Here's a small update. The bottom left in both pics is the NLxBB.

    Pyewacket Active Member

    I am growing the same strain(Four NLxBB). A bit older than yours. Purchased from OSSC as well. Overall I am happy with how things are going now. I had one of the seedling fail to grow and replaced it as soon as I could. I also was a bit too aggressive with one I transplanted from a solo cup--a bit stunted growth atm :wall: .

    I have a 3 shelf situation, they are vegging on the CFL shelf...will move them down to the HPS in a few-four weeks.

    Good luck, I hope you keep the photos coming~

    HamSaze330 Active Member

    And heres an update since I got back from my vacation.
    They all look great in my opinion so Ill prob give the bigger ones some nutes today, about 1/4 strength.
    My solo cup is stretching like crazy so Ill probably top her today.
    And ill probably tie another one down today.
    Im going to be trying different methods on each plant.

    HamSaze330 Active Member

    Heres a quick update.
    Currently I have 3 Buddha Seed Autoflower mix, the NL x BB, some bagseed I got from a friend (it was some super dank purp) and a White Fire OG seed I got from a grower.
    IMAG0273.jpg Solo cup autoflower buddha seed (tied down and topped)
    IMAG0274.jpg NL x BB
    IMAG0275.jpg Buddha seed being left to itself
    IMAG0276.jpg Mutant buddha seed that is going to be seriously tied down . Its leaves are coming in odd but it has a lot of nice growth so im cool with it.
    IMAG0277.jpg "Connors bagseed" only a couple days old (purp)
    IMAG0278.jpg If you can find the seedling lol its the White Fire OG.

    Heres a link to the white fire so you can get a peek. http://www.medicaljane.com/review/white-fire-strain-review/
    If you EVER get the chance to smoke this you better not pass it up.

    HamSaze330 Active Member

    Im not sure if anyone cares but unfortunately because of my living situation I had to take down my grow.
    My room mates became to much of a problem so my girlfriend and I grabbed everything and moved out in a day (it was hell)
    But now we are relocating and once we are in our new place the grow will continue, or a new one will start I supposed.
    Its honestly really rough thinking about tossing 6 plants but my room mate will be in jail in less than a month so safety first.
    Hope everyone else is doing well!

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