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Northern Lights reviews!

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by SDgoonie, May 8, 2008.


    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    For those of you who have grown it and smoked it, how were your experiences? Is the plant pretty forgiving to beginner growers?
    How is the high like? ive never smoked this strain before and would like to hear from you vets out there. Don't spare the details!! :joint::hump:

    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    anybody? i know theres some info out there

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Wow Im surprised to see this variety empty.
    I have grown out a couple of Northern Light species in the past last I did was Nirvana. Probably one of the only uniform variety's they have. She is a strong (not the strongest compared to white - stronger than skunk) mostly Indica variety that grows easy and yes forgiving. She can be mature from 6 week on. Best around week 9, yields are pretty easy to maximize once selected a keeper you will have a good supply of clones.
    Northern Lights is the fastest variety Ive ever cloned. roots within 5 days .
    Best yields are obtained buy growing rooted clones for 4-6 weeks then flowering 6-8 weeks (allowing for good roots)

    One thing with NL is she is a MG hogger so make sure tobe on top of MG deficiencies

    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    what does the MG stand for?

    jonnyk Well-Known Member

    magnesium man, magnesium.

    MonsterPot Well-Known Member

    Hows the stone? i won't say high...

    northernlights Well-Known Member

    pretty good to grow, she cant take a bash, really good yields aslo tis quiet a pleasant smoke i get a couch lock stone from my harvest ive been growing about a year and i have only grown northern lights my first grow was pretty good but seccond time round its better

    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    very nice. thank you for your inputs!

    ......but i know theres more knowledge and details out there!

    gogrow confused

    i've only smoke northern lights once, bout ten years ago it was a big commercial strain around here, good stuff. but i am (well was) growing a nl special from kcbrains.... they suck, shitty germ rate and only had two plants make it, with one being, well.. developmentaly challenged. the retard plant turned out to be my only female from those seeds. had slow pitiful growth/bud production compared to my other plants, and it hermied on week 6 of flowering. clipped her little purple ass and she is now hanging in the back... let you know how it smokes soon, but dont buy kcbrains' seeds!

    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    Gotcha. Got some white label seeds which i have had some pretty good luck with.

    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    NL is kinda though. Seen four, two died in veg of some....something, one male, one female. The female developed WICKED quick and was packed full of trichs, a crazy looking plant. Anyways, it's a total couch lock but a really good stone if you're into that.

    Good call on the MG, true story.

    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    MG stands for miracle grow most of the time

    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    yeah, thats what i was assuming. Good info tho. I will def keep in mind.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    NO NO NO

    In the cannabis community is the last resort (then a preference to garden mud) we don't like to go their.
    So always amuse MG = Magnesium.

    Unless it goes like this. I been growing in MG soil and they dont look well what could this be? 98% times over feeding or lack of Magnesium.
    Although this season I av taken shine to maybe trying their organic range of fertilizers

    As for the choice of variety as said and backed up by many would have to be Northern Lights as she is so stable.
    Other alternative is Misty (unsure of smell as I grew them with others) Misty is a pretty early flowering White species. So you also obtain high quality.

    I didn't find White Labels White Skunk like any other Skunk hybrid i done before as in smell wasn't that strong until played with.

    A species to avoid for smell would be those with skunk involved (usually) Skunk#1-UK Cheese

    But then theirs also the point of what 1 man likes another detests. So the decision should be on something sounding like what you like. Not breeder description but the growers as breeders put what you wish to know not often the truth (some exceptions)

    Northern Lights is well documented on Roll it up and other Forums so its a good choice

    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    Sorry i wasn't too clear. i meant good info on it being mag, not miracle grow lol.

    Thanks for that input canna:joint:

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    You and everyone else who I help are always welcome I don't expects praises. I just love seeing good genetics go to good home (free is always better)

    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    can anyone else describe the NL high for them?

    bzilem Well-Known Member

    I've never grown it but when I hear that Northern Lights is in town, I always try and get some.

    SDgoonie Well-Known Member

    when you get some, post up!

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