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Northern Lights Flowering time

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by dejm1, Mar 8, 2007.


    dejm1 Active Member

    I have a Northern Lights grow happening right now - I've been in flowering for almost 7 weeks and probably still have at least a couple more to go, making it 8 to 9 weeks in flowering. I know that Northern Lights they say 6 to 7 weeks in flowering. Is there something that determines how long it takes and is it unusual to be in flowering longer than the average time?

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    I would suggest that when the buds or cola group of flowers are 60% red or brown, and still 40% white, gently take them.

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    ive found that flowering weeks that are given by the seedbanks can be misleading, i havent had a single plant finish in the time the packet says, it seems to be closer though if you start the week count from when its flowering, and not just after switching to 12/12 or when you see preflowers either. Sometimes it can take a little while to show after switching the lights and even then you only have preflowers, when you start to the pistils spread around a little, that is when i start the count from as an idea for myself, although harvest cannot be assured other than to look at the trichomes with microscope.

    Roseman Elite Rolling Society

    go to the GROW ROOM SETUP and look at my pics, under R

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i go by the color of the trichromes. when they are cloudy turning amber i harvest.

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