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NORML Apologizes!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by JamCE, Jan 6, 2012.


    JamCE New Member


    pplayer104 Active Member

    what a bunch of idiots, i rather make my own organization.. pretty sure i can do better

    bkbbudz New Member

    As a NORML member I am outraged. I am composing a letter demanding a very public retraction and/or resignation of Mr. St. Pierre

    purklize Active Member

    Unbelievable. Long time NORML supporter but this is testing the limits.

    massah Well-Known Member

    You know what though? He's correct in his statements...there are WAY too many people who "claim" to have medical problems to smoke pot recreationally...I believe in his statements he is speaking on behalf of people who want to smoke pot like people drink alcohol, and that putting a sticker of "medical" use on it is just going to make it that much harder to get it completely legalized...

    Do I feel marijuana should be legalized yes...do I think skirting by the stupid federal laws by making state laws allowing "medical" marijuana is the right approach in getting it legalized? No

    The only thing "medical" marijuana is doing right now is increasing the awareness of pot to the masses...instead of preaching the health benefits of it(which yes THERE ARE AND WORK GREAT)...preach how safe it is vs alcohol and tobacco...simple as that...preach the statistics...make people aware...I'm doing my part by talking to non smokers at times about it, and don't even mention that I smoke it...and they quickly start to agree with me, even if their views on it were opposite :)
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    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    I was a member of NORML for the longest time. I left for a different reason and now am a member of the MPP.

    But in this case, Mr. St. Pierre is correct.

    Here is what he said:

    MMJ is a 'legal farce' and a 'largely a sham' as he put it.

    MMJ does not lead to re-legalization. Once MMJ is established, the enthusiasm for re-legalization is diminished.


    Because once patients get their medicine, they are unconcerned with re-legalization. Under MMJ, growers and dispensaries do not wish to risk losing their market share to industry.

    Once people commit fraud to get their 'medicine,' they are unconcerned with re-legalization. That is the 'legal farce' he is talking about.

    You may not like it, but it is true nonetheless.

    He spoke the truth. No apology is necessary.
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    Hemlock Well-Known Member

    allen st peterhead is dumb ass.he knows better. done with norml

    purklize Active Member

    I understand that mmj reduces the urgency for legalization. But every day that goes by without mmj, people die from wasting away from HIV and chemo. It's easy to say "the best path to legalization is suffering another 20 or 30 years for support to get high enough for full legalization" when you're not sick. But if you're dying from chemo, mmj is going to sound very, very fucking important.

    I completely disagree with the idea that most people signed up for mmj are inventing medical problems. This idea has been a source of great frustration for me. I look young, healthy, but I have vomiting problems from severe migraines, and I've suffered multiple bouts of shingles, a serious disease... but since I "look healthy" (when I'm sick I'm at home!) I've faced the assumption I'm a liar and am sneered at. Please don't perpetuate this. So far, here in Ann Arbor, I have only met one patient who admitted she lied to get her card.

    Over 30% of Michiganders have a chronic pain disorder... only 1% of the state has a card... and of course there will be a disproportionate amount of young people with cards, they're much more open to alternative treatments... the elderly are much more thoroughly brainwashed on the matter and even those who really need it refuse to get anywhere near it... and so they are underrepresented...

    Hemlock Well-Known Member

    In your opinion he spoke the truth. you don't give the enemy ammo. and they consider it a war.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    It's not just my opinion. It is the truth. And I explained why.

    I've seen the enemy in action. In a public hearing over an MMJ bill. Here is what one opponent to the bill said: "MMJ is the first soldier on the beach in the battle toward legalization."

    It's bullshit, but it's very effective nonetheless.

    Sharkey Active Member

    This. It may have not been the best way to say it but there's truth to his statement.
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    Weedasaurus Well-Known Member

    hate to say it, but he's right. but then again, if it were you. would you rather smoke pot with the risk of going to jail, or try everything in your power to become legal and not fear going to jail. the system is prone to be abused, but then again potheads have been abused and persecuted for decades by these bigoted laws implaced by politicians with political motives and supported by ignorant brainwashed masses. +rep for posting

    purklize Active Member

    Almost every smoker uses it for legitimate medical concerns. Even the "purely recreational" smokers use it for anxiety, insomnia, and depression - alternatives to highly addictive pharmaceuticals like Xanax, Ambien, and Paxil.
    Jack Harer

    Jack Harer Well-Known Member

    With all due respect to the MMJ community, and NOT to downplay the significant medical value of therapeutic cannabis, I have to agree with the guy. By and large, I see and hear every day of people who are "going to move to Cali and get a card" because they'll give you a card for a hangnail. This may or may not be the case, but it DOES highlight the intent of MANY, MANY folks to manipulate the system, and shows the pervasive belief in Non-Legal states that the whole thing is basically a sham. While there are CERTAINLY those who have real medical issues and really do need cannabis to function without resorting to harmful pharmaceuticals, I am absolutely convinced that most card holders have minor medical problems (if any at all), and play them up to be able to smoke recreationally, LEGALLY. And folks, I'm good with that. More power to ya!
    But don't go getting incensed or outraged at the actions or statements made by us who don't live in a legal state. When we say we grow for profit, we get lambasted as "profiteers" preying on poor med patients. BULLSHIT! We risk jail to supply the recreational users in our states. When we make statements about MMJ that might threaten your "legal status", or merely be taken out of context, we get the righteous indignation of the "medical" users who are outraged that we DARE to say something that might threaten their precarious hold on their legal status.
    It genuinely seems to me that once y'all got legal status, it was OK Great!! Fuck the rest of you guys, WE'RE cool here now, so don't go fucking things up for us. That may be an overcritical statement, but it hits home.
    Yes, NO question that MJ has legit medicinal value, and that needs to be recognised by the Government. But the Government HAS GOT to be held accountable for it's lies and deceit, and the unconstitutional persecution of MJ users, and what constitutes a war on the citizenry. I for one am NOT satisfied by the MMJ/Compassionate use movement. Oh, I'll take what I can get, but I won't be SATISFIED until every citizen can possess, grow and smoke cannabis without fear of reprisal.

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