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    I'm not a noob to growing but I've realized I know little to nothing about fertilizer. I've just followed a watered-down manufactures guideline for a simple A + B product. I am interested in growing the best medicine I can which includes flavor and I want to be as environmental as possible. I know organics will lead to the best flavor and healthy plants.

    My big problem is I'm invested in an RDWC system. Can I make my own teas and use them in my hydro system? I definitely want to at least make my own foliar feeds. Every time I read about someone moving to organics they always switch to soil and I get that there is a big benefit of reusable soil if done correctly. I just want to make sure I'm not creating a headache for myself by trying to brew my own.

    All thoughts are appreciated.

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    I would send Mad Hamish a pm about this. He's doing something similar, and knows of a gent that has applied an organic tea regiment to a RDWC system.

    Best of luck

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    Man oh man have I been through what you are going through right now. When I was at the point that you are at right now, I was still years away from even beginning to grasp organics though. Hopefully you can make the transition in a slightly speedier fashion than I did.

    Read the ROLS thread.

    I was close, but still so far away from some REAL results with organics until I stumbled upon the ROLS thread.

    You can get good results with organic teas in a RDWC. I've done it more than once, but it's not worth the upkeep.

    My advice...

    Stick with your simple two part nutes in the RDWC for the moment. It's not broken. Don't fix it.
    Start composting.
    Read the ROLS thread.
    Do some independent reading.
    Don't bother trying to know anything about fertilizers. Instead get to know the microbes.
    Read the ROLS thread again.

    Have fun.

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    reread this post everyone!!

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