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Noob needs help cloning from Aerogarden

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by kindof, Sep 25, 2007.


    kindof Active Member

    So I bought an aero garden and have been screwing around with it. I have made a number of mistakes but overall, I have enjoyed the results.

    I've lost track of exactly how long I've had the plants in the areogarden but it has been approx. 4 months. I have no idea what kind of seeds I planted as I had been saving them form bags past and I have at least 2 diff types of strains (more on that later).

    After some reading I went and bought an interchangeable hood and ballast and 400w HPS for flowering and Metal Haldide for veg. I think I flowered way too late as well due to the non-bushyness of the plants. They grew tall and not wide meaning they were reaching for light (?).

    There is a lot more but I won't bore you. So I have to cut them down and start again because there will be maintenance people in the apt but I think I am going to leave one to clone. From my limited understanding I should do clones right? Rather then starting from new seeds. Well from all of the pictures that I've seen online, none of my plants are leafy or bushy. All the leaves have fallen off and most of the branches are buds. The one plant that juts out in all directions is the one that is most unsuitable for cloning. It's wirey and does not have a lot of buds on it where as the other two are heavier with buds. The problem is the only branches that look clone worthy have buds on them. Is it wise to clone a branch with buds?

    I am really out of my league here and realize that I may be leaving out some information. Can someone smarter than me please take me through what info I need to give you and how to go from where I am now to clones. I should also clean out the inside of the aerogarden but that is a different thread.

    Thank you for your help.


    The third pic is the one I want to clone though it has a little bud on it. The first plant from the left is the wirey one. I know as much from Ed Rosenthal (sp.) to take the clippings from the bottom of the plant. Should I just start over? If I need to take better pics let me know that too.

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    kindof Active Member

    OK, no one likes long posts. Let me paraphrase: How do I clone a plant? Can you use a piece of the "mother" that has a bud on it to clone?

    SmokerE Well-Known Member

    Those plants look pretty far along. I think your asking if you should clone or not? If that's the case my vote is no. Start over.

    KANIVAknive Active Member

    I am currently cloning in my AG im newb to it also but seems to be working fine just look online you can find places that could tell you how to clone with simple directions, yeah and what was those two strains lol plants lookin good.
    Oh yeah and if you have to start over its best to decide, seed or clone? You can determine weather you should clone or not on your own, it depends on your plant, if in fact its some good shit you want to clone it, if its bushy or has a good qualities to it you should clone it, if its some bagh you bought from, not your regg dude then just start over. Cloning is all about saving your plant i quote "your plant" lol you could have that shit forever well lol years if you wanted too. Thats why im clonin me some White Russian Mixed wif skunk some some lol

    yourboy333 Well-Known Member

    im sorry man but those are some pretty weird if its ur first grow their strait tho ur prolly happy u got free bud it looks like you burned all the leaves off and cloning you veg then flower til u can tell the sex then u clone not when it already has buds try it next time i also have a ag too and want to clone with it

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    Try to take as much buddy bits of as you can but leave as much of the leaf on as possible.
    The main problem with cloning budded stems is that the old bud can rot easily.
    Snip of a lower stem,carefully remove as much actual bud but not leaf as possible.
    Recut the lower stem under water at a 90 degree angle with a long cut,dip it in cloning gel and plant it.
    I always put my clones into plastic bottles as this make them a little greenhouse and they can absorb the moisture from the air in the bottle and you don't need to spray them which is especially good if they have budded as they can rot easily.:blsmoke:

    gvega187 Well-Known Member

    ya looks like you burned all your leaves off, but I agree with nat..its not to late. After you take the clone, remove as much of the bud as you can and allow it time to revert to vegetative growth. Read about cloning in the growfaq on RIU if you need more info about this.

    rezo Well-Known Member

    i would start over they look like thayre having an anxiety attack . i think that youll run into problems due to the stress

    greenthumb1985 Member

    yeah im thinking about gettin an aerogarden but am not sure how the cloning process would work? i know how to clone striaght to a grow medium, but when it comes to using aerogarden not to sure. My friend recently bought one and i took 3 clones over there used the cloning gel and just used the lil foam pieces the aerogarden came with. is that going to work or shoud i used something else to place clones in before putting them in aerogarden. i did 2 clones with the end of the cutting with the gel on it and just pushed in the foam pieces not letting cutting go all the way threw and other cutting i let stick out of the foam like 1/2 inch or so... so can anyone give me any advice!!!!!

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