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Node spacing&sex

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by delta9, Apr 20, 2007.


    delta9 Well-Known Member

    is there any truth to this ? example,,two plants same age 8" tall one has 6 nodes one has 3. ive read male plants have more space between nodes. anyone else????
    Doobie Doo

    Doobie Doo Well-Known Member

    I have heard of that and also males get taller but I have seen nothing to prove it.

    delta9 Well-Known Member

    ive seen males growing in the wild next to females and the males are distinctively different as far as veg. growth goes
    Doobie Doo

    Doobie Doo Well-Known Member

    Well if you can tell the difference before the flower stage your a lot better at this then I am.

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    i've noticed that males stretch a lot more... i can usually pick them out less than 2 weeks from germ.


    mogie Well-Known Member

    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    Yes males will stretch more and have more spacing between the nodes.. they will also shoot up taller when 12/12 is induced.. and they will usually show their flowers before the females....


    green_nobody Well-Known Member

    jup, as garden known says, males grow faster since they have to make up time so they are ready before the girls are set;) but it is a bad method to select sexes in your grow since the individual plant grows different too:)

    emtjason Active Member

    This is not true, spacing of the nodes is largely in part based on genetics, environment, and nutrients. Starting plants from seed or clone keeping the light as close as possible to the plant a light fan on them and mild nutes or better yet nutes specifically for babies is best. The further the light the farther each node will be due to stretching. Again genetics plays a roll. But to have tighter spacing keep the light closer. BOTH male and female can have the same or different spacing of nodes even clones, it is NOT the way to tell if a plant is male or female, take and flower a clone and look for pistills or balls very simple and accurate. Plants stretch in flowering there is no set amount i've heard they can triple in size, stretching stops and they start packing on the weight. Some more then others. But do not use the spacing of the nodes as a method to determine sex that is just nonsense. Take the time get some clones flower one to determine sex you'll have 100% results unless they turn to hermys from light leaks and cross pollination, or some other reason.......

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    Crendore Member

    you can tell the the base of the branches they have little preflowers and females ones are long and thin and male ones aren't as furry and rounder

    skydon Member

    I had my CFLs never closer than 4 inches and sometimes as much as 6 inches away, and the nodes on my Jock Horrors (mainly Sativa) are VERY close, too close, they are so bushy, they need more space to allow light. They are only 8 to 9 inches after a little over 4 weeks. On the other hand, the two auto flower strains (Pakistan Ryder and 60 Day Wonder) sat nearly idle for two weeks after sprouting and then suddenly shot up tall with long node space within a few days. They had the same light basically as the JHs, and all are feminized (and no signs yet of Males or hermies). So I would say that genetics are more important, and the idea of close = short node space doesn't seem to be a given from my experience. But, this is my first grow, so I am a newbie through and through:dunce:
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