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no pest strips

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by smoker13, Jul 29, 2007.


    smoker13 Active Member

    when using no pest strips for a small spider mite problem,
    where is the best place to put the strip ???

    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    no pest strips are better for flying insects. Spider mites tend to stay under the leaves, not coming in contact with the strip.you need neem oil or Avid. Or you can let some ladybugs go to town on them.

    Wavels Well-Known Member

    In an attempt to clarify....I think smoker13 is referring to the vapor emitting no pest strips, not sticky traps which require physical contact.

    How many strips you need to hang is determined by the size of the room or closet plant is in...hang it close to plant(s)

    Hot Shot :: No-Pest Strip - 5580

    kindprincess Well-Known Member

    keep in mind that no pest strips will kill you, your children, or your pets the same way if you're in the same unventilated room. i almost lost my lizards to one. be careful, and make sure no one is around to breath the vapor for the first day or two.


    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    you sould think about a more organic method. no pest is ok just not the best for mites

    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    As a California Pest Control branch 2 and 3 licence holder, I have to agree. Keep the vapor admitting pest strips out. Go natural or organic.
    Neem oil, neem oil, neem oil.
    Ladybugs, praying mantis.

    smoker13 Active Member

    thank you all,,
    I tried neem oil, but in my case, it did not appear to be affective enough, and the smell was extremely unbearable,, it was strange,, as only the 2 lowest growing tips,, this plant has 6, where affected "the yellow dots on top" and black specs under,,the top 4, none at all,, and she is kept with another girl, that has not been affected at all, this one is much darker in color, and way more sativa,, well it seems I have got it under control now, but I don't know at what cost, yesterday put the no pest strip in the room, which after the the advice given above, I'm thinking of taking it back out now?? and also was told to try pyrethrin 0.02% & piperonly butoxide, technical 0.20% "garden safe brand" and today it has appeared to have just burned the hell out of my baby,, what should I do now ????? this has quickly become very frustrating,, and everything was going so perfect :( ,,,, also the mostly sativa plant has not been affected at all no burn at all,,, I sprayed them the same,, so the other plant will it still continue to mature with many burnt fan leafs ????? should I trim them off... or just leave them go ?????
    tia,, 4 any advice
    hemp advocate

    hemp advocate Member

    I don't know if it's too late, hopefully, instead the situation is under control. 2 suggestions. I don't know what kind of neem oil you used, but the most effective is cold-pressed neem. The best stuff is pretty pricey, it's called Einstein Oil. Check it out. A much cheaper way to go is nicotine. The stuff is very nasty and very toxic to all bugs. I soaked half an ounce in a quart of water for a day, strained it then put it in a spray bottle, added a little dish soap and, after 2 applications a few days apart, all gone!!! Please google nicotine insecticide and follow instructions with dealing with this stuff as it is really toxic but when used right cheap and extremely effective. Good luck

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