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no mans land #2...no males up in here!!!

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Weeded1s//CaNNabinoLektoR, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. This grow is going to be more of a picture journal than an educational and in i think im just gonna show form now on... when the plants are in flower mode. Im running @ 20 diff. strains and actually have them for the most part as happy as can be and under control. I am a socal medical marijuana legalized patient under sb420 so im just here to show pics, answer any questions anyone has, and show some verified elite genetics that ive acquired over time that are by no means my creations, so im not taking credit for breeding or creating them...just growing them. :smile: I have some indoor and some outdoor (12 indoor and around 10 to 12 outdoor). I have a 600 watt dimmable lumatek controling a ushio bulb in 1 tent 2x4x6.. air cooled as well. The other indoor tent is running i believe 150 watts in t5's with a supplemental 150 watt hps in a 3x3x6 tent non air cooled. I plan on adding another 150 hps in there just to get those lumens up. Outdoor i have 2 of the 150 watt hps lights outside along with two 4 foot t5's to supplement since the sun is riding really low due to winter conditions. Ill name the strains now and tomorrow ill look at how to start posting pics and get some up for this journal.

    THE LIST: Jupitor Og..Banana Og..Ogre Og..Earthshaker Og..Tahoe og...Abusive og...(2) xxx (So Cal Master Kush x Pre 98 Bubba Kush)...(2) Romulan...Northern Lights #5 x Dj shorts Blueberry...Lavender.. Strawberry Cough (KK's cut) x Bubblegum...Power (sour dub x So Cal Master Kush)... Deep Sleep (Larry og x Pre 98 Bubba Kush)..Afghani Kush (original cut)...Banana Kush (Elite Genetics)..Blue Cheese... Alien Abduction #23 (Alien x og kush) "cool beans/Ocean Grown Genetics"...Chem Dawg..and last but not least La Confidential. All of these genetics are verified and i look forward to showing some pics tomorrow or the next. Everything is flowering between week 2 and week 6 so well go ahead and start the pics from there :clap:. Peace out everyone.. ill post some pics soon.
    Weeded1s...aka CaNNAbinoLektoR
  2. Any want to share with me how to post pictures ?

    SnakeByte Active Member

    "Insert image" icon where you post replies

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