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Nitrogen Deficiency - Classic Symptoms - Cure!?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by BrannonC, Oct 30, 2010.


    BrannonC Member

    Hi guys,

    Simple case of Nitrogen Deficiency Light-Yellow leaves and they are curling down.

    What is the best way to cure this problem?

    Thanks ahead of time for the help!

    Happy Growing!

    swishsweet Active Member

    Give them nutes with a good N-P-K and make sure your pH is stable so you are not experiencing nute lockout

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    Yep, use a high-nitrogen veg fert, and don't get too carried away with it, or you'll end up with bigger problems.(it's very common.lol) Also, look into foliar feeding them, in addition to the root-feeding, and they'll recover even faster. Keep in mind that the yellow leaves probably won't recover(unless they are only a tad light. the rest, won't.), and keep an eye on the newest growth, because that'll tell you if they've had enough. If the leaf tips are brown/burnt, you need to back off a little. This'll take about a week, so be patient. :)

    BrannonC Member

    I am using a Hydro set up and am using the BC nurtients line from technaflora at about 50%. Should i go higher or just use something like bat guano to boost the nitrogen level in the rez solution?

    Thanks for the help

    Plants are in their second week of flowering.


    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    ^Hmm....IDK, can you even use guano with hydro? What's the NPK ratio of the fert you're using? Yes, more will help, but you also have to worry about overdoing the other nutes. It's really hard to make that call, when I'm not there to look at 'em, myself. Do you have a veg nute? If so, alternate that in next time you feed, then switch back to what you've been doing. They burn alot of nitrogen during the initial stretch, and a little veg fert will make sure they don't yellow too early, dropping their fan leaves prematurely.

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