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Nirvana Seeds Review, Super Skunk, White Widow, Bubblicious, Northern Lights

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by stonesour, Sep 29, 2010.


    stonesour Well-Known Member

    First off let me say that I have a small op for my own personal use medicine. I dont grow for massive quanities or for resale of any kind. I grow just a minimum amount of plants and the quantity I get from just 4 plants lasts me a long time. I ordered my seeds in April and stored them within my freezer for 3 months while I was on vacation. So without further ado... here goes it.


    Ordering from Nirvana was a breeze, accepted my debit card without any question or worries. Within a week, all seeds show up very discretely packaged and secure. On a scale from 1-10 on ordering, discretion, and speed I give ordering through Nirvana seeds a 10. Without a doubt fast as hell and great discretion.

    Quality of seeds

    When I opened the package, I was a little worried on the quality of the seeds in general. Most of the seeds recieved were pretty small and light in color (looked almost premature seeds). Seeds didnt look like your typical tiger striped huge seeds you find in your average sac of weed. Dont know if this effects quality or not. Like I said above, all my seeds are in a deep freezer and the seeds from nirvana sat in deep freezer for three months and within 24 hours all four seeds that I germinated sprouted so viability concerns were pretty much over at that point.


    Worth every penny. Those gentics and strains didnt come with a decent price I wouldnt buy them. Good solid strains and very good genetics, I think the price for the seeds is just right. Also a good perk getting 10 free seeds. Granted they are unknown but hey, they are free!!

    Now onto the strains

    White widow

    White widow is world renown and should be, This strain is strong!! Not only does the strain hold true to the name but also should be recommended to any patient looking for relief. Like I said above, the seeds were white and premature looking but viability and plant growth was strong and resilient to deseases. Total life of this plant was 76 days from crack of seed to harvest and I couldnt have picked a better time to harvest. Mostly a Indica dominant strain, and it sure shows in its appearance and smoke!. As soon as your hit is done, you are baked. Very strong and very powerful buzz. Here she is at 6 weeks:



    There arnt words for bubblicious strain from Nirvana. The entire time this plant was growing it smelled a very strong sweet purple grape smell. Very pungent in smell and very resinous. The genetics in this plant are wicked! I mean I had no idea weed could smell like this. Buzz is very relaxed, no anxiety and very very mellow. Little creeper but once it hits, your happy its there. Seeds were also white and permature looking but strong plant from the beginning. Towards the end of the grow though, while flushing, the plant did get a little mold in the top cola. I caught it early and only sacrificed a few nugs off the main cola. If growing this strain from nirvana, be careful and mindful of mold or mildew that could attack this plant. Here she is at 6 weeks:


    Super Skunk

    Haha, super skunk is super skunky. While a very very good yielder, this thing stinks!! Great plant to grow for the sheer size but hard to disguise. Smell started very fruity with hints of skunk at week 4 to super super skunky by week 7. Seed was the only traditional tiger striped seed out of all the seeds. Very easy to grow, is pretty resilient to deseases and ph imbalances. Buzz is ok, but not really what I like. I do love the high it gives me but not as much as bubblicious or white widow. Tastes just like it smells, Skunky!!. Here she is at week 6:


    Northern Lights

    What can I say about northern lights? It a strong 100% indica plant. This strain is just like the strain I grew 14 years ago. At week 4 as soon as I brushed up to the trichomes, I was instantly taken back 14 years ago when I last grew it. Its awsome how smells can do that to memory. Very piney traditional northern lights smell. This plant didnt start smelling till week 5-6 in flower. Good yielder and great smoke. Very very relaxing but picked early can give you a trippy like stone. Love this strain. Seed was white and premature looking like the rest. I heard this was suppose to be the easiest strain to grow but I had the most problems with it than the other three. At week 4 she started to show ph fluctuations while the others trucked right on through. Even though she toughed through it, she still gave me the most problems and I spent the most time with her. Here she is at week 6:



    I would have to say I am 90% satisfied with Nirvana and their seeds. Some of the strains genetics might have a few flaws in them but overall the entire grow was a success. My bagseeds/unknown strains I grew the first time (in signature) yielded more but the quality was less. I would rather trade quality over quantity any day. Next lineup will also be Nirvana:

    Wonderwoman, ak-48, master kush, and raspberry cough then its on to sensi seeds. Hope you enjoyed my review!!

    P.S. yes these were all grown under CFL's and no they are not whispy buds...LOL

    Griffin09 Member

    I just ordered some Northern lights and some Super skunk from Nirvana. Hope they will do as good as yours
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    stonesour Well-Known Member

    Im sure you going to be really happy with super skunk. That one is a winner!!
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    Boonierat Active Member

    Great guy and great grower as shown in his grows. Because of this review I've made up my mind about ordering genetics from Nirvana. Thanks Stone!
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    SmeLLyTreeZ Well-Known Member

    Awesome review man, White widow and bubba will be in my next order for sure!! +Rep

    stonesour Well-Known Member

    Thanks Boonierat, that just made my day!!

    Starhawk Member

    Excellent reviews, stonesour! They definitely make me feel better about ordering from Nirvana. Still waiting on my first shipment ~8 days since my order of 5 fem PPP seeds was placed. Hoping they show up soon so I can get started on my first grow. But your reviews were very helpful; it's nice to get thorough information like that on multiple strains from a supplier.
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    muaythaibanger Well-Known Member

    I would like to know which one was quicker flowering or were they all pretty close if you don't mind me askin.

    I grew their NL this year outdoors.I want to try their super skunk next year outdoors.

    stonesour Well-Known Member

    Super skunk, it would yield crazy amounts outside.

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]really awesome post!:weed: im happy u chose to grow out the super skunk because it is soo stinky, i know alot of ppl shy away from it!
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    muaythaibanger Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info.
    I cloned the largest of the Northern lights to veg over the winter at a freinds house for clones next year.
    .Those NL's were done about the first of October.
    Even if the Super Skunk were to finish by then,I'd be satisfied.
    Did it finish much earlier?
    And it was your biggest yielder,I assume?

    stonesour Well-Known Member

    yes biggest yield and very early october date for sure. quick finisher. sorry really, really baked right now..lol

    muaythaibanger Well-Known Member

    Thaks for the info. stonesour.
    This was helpful in my decision to order super skunk(probably get 15 seeds) from Nirvana along with a few other strains also for next spring.
    Happy smoking.
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    Gfnns Member

    has anyone done any of these strains especially white widow outdoors, if so let me know how it turned out and what you did to get those results. Thanks

    12tblp12 Member

    Hey imma bout to order some NL from nirvana.I'm wondering bout the packaging,Ino its stealthy and what not but is your name on what it comes in?still love with my parents lol and don't want them to get the mail and open my beans.also does it just come through regular mail like to your mail box?

    stonesour Well-Known Member

    yes regular mail and yes very stealthy. I wouldnt risk sending it any other way except your own P.O.box, they are cheap and wont risk getting anyone else in trouble. Just my thoughts though.

    Dankinthetank Member

    That White Widow looks great. I may go with it for my first grow.

    Scarfinger68 Member

    nice review

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    i love nirvana but i admit i order thru tude. i was interested in the medusa, im pretty sure i saw a post somewhere on the venus flytrap but i like something more indica leaning. has anybody heard anything about the medusa strain? the aurora indica is also on my list.[​IMG]

    stonesour Well-Known Member

    I tell you trainwreck from green house seeds is my all time favorite, I vape that all day every day and never get burned out or bored of it. Actually I am going all exclusive trainwreck from now on, thats how much i love it. Skunky, very kick ass high, and no come down. Tastes great in bong or vape.

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