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Nirvana Northern Light (Smoke/Grow Report)

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by |B3RNY|, Sep 18, 2012.


    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    Strain: Northern Light
    Indica: X (Listed as Indica) Sativa:
    Breeder: Nirvana Seeds
    Reg: Fem: X
    Phenotype: "3-Fingered Sativa" Pheno
    Weeks Flowering:~8+ (can be harvested earlier if absolutely necessary, but it's worth the wait.)
    Inside/Outside: Outside
    Trichome Coloration: 20% amber, 40% cloudy, 40% Clear
    Potency (1-10): 8.5
    Color: Dark green foliage, dark green buds with darker-orange hairs; buds cure to a medium-dark green with hairs ranging in color from beige, yellow & orange to dark brown.
    Taste: 60% Skunky, 30% Sugar, 10% Pepper
    Smell: Northern Light has a very classic skunk scent, with a light peppery background that is all rounded off with the unmistakable sweetness of Northern Light varieties.
    Growing Description: I really did not expect much from this seed, not only because it was from Nirvana Seeds but because I only had 1 seed and it was feminized. This seed germinated in less than 24 hours and grew up to be a beautiful mother plant who gave birth to nearly 100 clones. This particular phenotype was definitely sativa dominant with very long leaf fingers, yet did not take too awful long to flower (8 weeks, but could have gone for 1 more.) It was rare for this plant to grow any leaf with any more than 3 fingers per leaf, no matter how old she got. These plants stayed quite short and stocky compared to other varieties I grew outside. She grew beautifully with minimal nutrients and just a bit of water throughout the drought. Manicuring was a snap because the 3-fingered-leaf to flower ratio was superb. The most this strain was lacking is yield; the nugs get quite thick & dense but they remain short after being cloned, they would do superb though in a SoG technique type grow- then it would be a pretty good yielder at least. She can handle heavy doses of nutes but can also withstand stress if she goes without food/water for a few days (outside.) Northern Light seems to be MUCH more susceptible to insect attacks than about all other strains I've grown outdoors! (Maybe has something to do with the subtle, sugary smell it excretes while growing?) This was one of the hardiest (next to Critical+ & Ak47) plants I had at the time and was certainly the most unique looking with it's retard-3-fingered sativa leafs are very dark and creepy in appearance, like a bad Tim Burton drawing; a cool plant to see in person. Absolutely no sign of any male flowers on any of the 90+ cuttings I took from her throughout the summer. They began to flower in late July/early August and finished around the end of September/early August. It can be smoked directly after drying with quite a potent buzz but at least 2 weeks curing is recommended.
    Smoking Description: This variety smokes very well, the high it produces is good enough that I felt like writing a smoke report (my first ever) because I was so surprised. I normally enjoy seeds from the likes of The Cali Connection, OG Raskal, etc. and I always hear people bashing Nirvana seeds... so every once in a while I'll grab a single Nirvana seed (as well as G13 Labs, Dinafem, Greenhouse, etc.) up when I order packs of the regular stuff I get, just to play around with 'em. This time, I took smoke samples all throughout the flowering stage since I had quite a few outside I experimented on these plants specifically because I did not value them as much as my others. The later into flowering the bud was picked, the stronger it was of course but the style of the high remained. It is almost like drinking, it will give you an enjoyable buzz and a bit of energy as long as you're doing something- but if you sit/lay down you will fall asleep. I smoke only to get high so I can't vouch for it's medicinal properties though I can definitely say that it would help anyone who has troubles falling asleep! ..even that was unexpected since it was a sativa dominant phenotype. The quality of these nugs reminded me of the stuff I used to get ripped on as a child when I first started smoking around age 12 or 13. All in all, I am satisfied with the menial 8 or 9 dollars I spent on this seed; I would definitely recommend smoking it if you get the chance. I'm not saying it's better or worse (in potency) than other breeders' strains but it definitely has a unique character and is an "noble" plant (that's the only word that keeps coming to mind.) Seems more like a Skunk X (Skunk X Northern Lights) to me, but Nirvana says it's a variety that has been selectively bred & inbred for over 25 years. Either way- it is pretty frosty, potent weed. If you left it in the dark a few days at the end of flower it would probably become just as white as any other white strain, though I did not use this technique on mine. If worse comes to worse and you have to harvest early for some reason it will still be good herbages.

    This particular Northern Light and a couple Ak48 plants have convinced me that Nirvana seeds are very underrated, especially considering they have been breeding for like 25 years or more; most of their strains are very potent they just sometimes lack vigor or yield, etc..
    I will always give the "cheaper" breeders a try, until they give me a reason not to but so far I've liked all the stuff I've got from Nirvana, G13, Greenhouse, Dinafem, etc. but I like the elite breeders as well (Gage Green and others), so don't bash on me too hard- I like 'em all!

    +Rep if anyone shares their experiences with this strain (or any version of Northern Lights), or let me know how crappy of a job I did on this here first smoke report ever. Did I leave anything out? I tried to use the template but I couldn't copy/paste without it pulling the graphics from the page and all.
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    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    Pic's or it didn't happen........but nice report anyway. I'll have to consider trying it.

    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    I've got pics, but none in flower... I'm still running that pheno outside though, I'll grab some flower shots in the next few days when I go out to feed/water. For a cheapo- she ain't too bad, in all honesty.

    yesum Well-Known Member

    Really good report, thanks. I have a fem Nirvana NL going now. Got it to test the NL strain.

    I had heard the Dr. Atomics version was better but I could always get some more Nirvana and do the Dr. as well if this one turns out like yours. I am looking for anti-anxiety effect and this may do it.
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    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    I hope it has been bred how they claim, if so & you get one similar to mine then I think you'll really enjoy growing it and it gave me a very pleasant, calming/non-paranoid type of a high. Very good afternoon stuff. It will certainly calm you down.

    growone Well-Known Member

    since you asked about NL versions, i'll post up an experience with some other NL genetics
    ran nl#5 from highgrade-seeds, not sure on the genetic history, but that's true for most breeders i think
    anyways, it was strong, a very strong initial up for 40 minutes - got very familiar with it over time
    excellent indica feel after the 40 minutes, didn't like the rush part, but it was good rec weed for sure
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    all smoke reports are welcome. NL5 doesn't get a lot of coverage, nor does nirvana these days like it used to with a lot of white rhino grows around '04. you'd expect it to be stony

    n2batpoo Member

    I have not grown Nirvana's NL, but Dr. Atomics version gave me a crazy sativa dom pheno back n the day that yielded like crazy. It was my first grow from seeds I ordered and I didn't know about phenotype selection. I gave a friend the indica dom pheno while it was still in veg because I thought it was a runt. Lol! I heard it yielded like crazy too! Nice report on the Nirvana version. The only experiences I have had with 3-bladed leaf dominance has come from re-vegging, pushing nutes too hard too early or very poor lighting that was confusing the plant. I have never thought about old genetics showing themself in this fashion as I am not a breeder. Interesting idea though. peace


    (818)MedicineMan New Member

    NL is one of my favorites. I have a very unique pheno of NL from Nirvana that I am keeping. I have many years of growing NL from mainly Dr. Atomic and BC Seed Banks. I don't get why people knock Nirvana and NL.

    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    Yea, I don't either. These puppies are still going strong this year! I didn't think I would like it because they advertise it as a pure Indica. Mine didn't turn out like that anyways: I did see a report by Dj Short, though, saying that growing conditions are usually what coaxes Indica or Sativa dominant phenotypes from within a genotype. He says that more powerful lights, further away, with less veg/flower hours (13/11 to 11/13) will really bring out a Sativa dominant phenotype, if the trait is in there... interesting to think about.

    http://www.rollitup.org/advanced-marijuana-cultivation/48788-tips-breeding-dj-short.html ; the source is not cited but it sounds like Dj Short to me.

    MysticMorris Active Member

    Brilliant report, and some great views on cheaper breeders. I havent actually tried Nirvana yet but will eventually. Its funny how you post this right as I get my hands on a bag of NL. I think mine is a different breeder as bud density isnt the best but the stuff tastes and smokes just like you describe so cant be that far off :)

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    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    Awesome man, it really does look similar. When I pull these last few from outside in about a week I'll post some pictures so we can compare 'em. I've got a couple pics I snapped yesterday but the buds look far different while growing than post-cure; I'll post those up here in a little while... I won't have cured pics for a few weeks though.

    fitzgib Active Member

    i grew 4 plants of nirvana N.L last grow, likes to be lst'd, got 4 ounce off each plant, and it was pretty decent stuff. N.L is an original classic and theres a reason for it

    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    Not too shabby IMO, mine didn't yield too awful much but I didn't do any training or anything like that.

    bigbillyrocka Well-Known Member

    Im crackin beans on this as we speak so im hoping i get that same style/type of high. I got em when they had them olas their whopper. Was ordering other stuff and figured what the hell. Expect to see a journal in a few weeks. :)
  16. I'm not going to name everyone, but all great entrys offered up here. The "retarded" 3 finger sativa was interesting and funny to hear about. Got a laugh out of me. I also have some Nirvana NL babies growing indoors. Mine are curling/folding and after intense research, I've concluded that they are getting a bit too much nutes from my mostly FFOF soil. I hear this is somewhat common and it should grow out of it. Smoked some medical NL that a friend got off Craigslist, and I wasn't overly impressed with it, but who the heck knows how well it was grown, if it wasn't grown yourself. It could have been ruderalis or harvested way too early. I can't comment on Nirvana quality, but I can tell you that its a lot less disheartening if you loose a seedling or cull males at $2.00 a regular seed vs $13 like my Querkle.

    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    9-25 NL Cola (Pre-Harvest).jpg

    That's one of the Nirvana NL girls (sorry, I didn't snap any post-cure pics as I promised) I had outside this summer;one of my favorite smokes (not sayin' it's the strongest, just one of my favorites) but just didn't yield a whole lot, like I said before... They, may be very cheap but they're worth the price IMO. I try to use any good males I get in breeding my own seeds (they may not be anything like the seeds I order but they're good to have "just in case.."

    *Edit: This picture is about 2 weeks before I usually harvest these girls (which would most likely be considered early by many, but this is when I like the high the best from Nirvana NL.)

    smellzlikeskunkyum Well-Known Member

    I love Nirvana's Chrystal... (NL x WW) x NL. I had a great time with that strain. My plant produced a very berry like sweetness. That may still be my fav strain all around.

    Back in 2004 a buddy and I grew the old Nirvana Northern Lights x Big Bud. It was our first grow with any kind of good HID lamp. We didnt expect a whole lot considering we paid like $20 for 10 reg seeds, Plus we ended up with only one female out of our mix of NL x BB and Afghan seeds that we germed. that one female was awfully good tho, it had that sickly sweetness to it. It also had a TON of resin, and grew pretty much like you would expect it to. I wish i could still get that strain.

    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    Nice, +rep. I had a Northern Lights X Big Bud from World of Seeds that was very potent for a a plant that yields so much. I like to hear other people having good results with Nirvana seeds too, I know a lot of people don't like 'em but I like to get stuff from all sorts of breeders... the 'cheap' stuff to the top shelf stuff. There's good stuff all over the place.

    |B3RNY| Well-Known Member

    Man you should have used your Querkle male to pollinate a branch on one of your females, they wouldn't be as stable as the original seeds I don't think but they're good to have (you know- "just in case")... and it's all kinds of fun to cross them sunbitches!

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